The Grand Tour's Latest Guests Are A Champion Boxer And A WWE Legend

This made one man very uncomfortable

2y ago


Ever since the news broke that The Grand Tour's second season would no longer engage in the wanton murder of celebrities and instead actually put them around a track, the names of the season's guests have been trickling out, along with details of their studio appearances. The latest duo to take to the track is heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, alongside professional wrestler Bill Goldberg. They are both much taller than Hammond.

The two will take part in The Grand Tour's new star segment, Celebrity Face-Off, in which two celebs (connected in "some unusual way") race each other around the track in a beautiful blue Jaguar F-Type. This replaces the much-maligned Celebrity Brain Crash, which eventually became less fun than having a root canal performed by a dentist whose car you accidentally hit in the parking lot.

The only two guests to have filmed so far are David Hasselhoff and Ricky Wilson, but the list of upcoming celebs includes Dominic Cooper, Luke Evans, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Pietersen and Hugh Bonneville, several of whom I've heard of.

The new season drops on Amazon Prime on December 8th, so keep your eyes peeled for any other celebrities you want to watch as they try not to crash the car that even Hammond couldn't tame on a track.


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