The Grand Tour's Scariest Moments: The Making of Season 2

Season 2 hasn't premiered yet, but we have enough scary moments to fill a horror movie marathon

3y ago

Halloween is tomorrow, and in celebration of the holiday, we have been looking at some previous scariest moments of Jeremy, Richard, and James' past. For today, we'll take a look at the upcoming Season 2 and all the mishaps that have befallen our hosts so far.

It's been a rough road to Season 2 so far!

Richard has an accident in Mozambique

While filming in Mozambique for Season 2, Richard fell off his motorcycle and bonked his head, resulting in what was initially reported as a "horror crash." Turns out it wasn't as horrifying an accident as it was made out to be, but head injuries and Richard aren't exactly two things we like to see together.

Jeremy nearly dies of pneumonia

While vacationing in Majorca, Jeremy caught a bug and it nearly killed him. It turned out to be pneumonia and luckily, Jeremy recovered without any further problems. The one silver lining that came out of this was the fact that getting sick forced Jeremy to quit smoking. Speaking of scary things in Majorca:

Jeremy goes shirtless

I don't think I need to elaborate too much on this.

Hammond's Rimac crash

The scariest thing to happen during the making of Season 2 was definitely Hammond's crash in a Rimac Concept One while participating in a Swiss hillclimb event. Hammond barely escaped the burning car and suffered a number of injuries, but is now doing well. Do not ever scare us like that again!

Cheap car challenges are never returning

This one isn't so much "scary" as it is just supremely disappointing. Due to legal limitations with the BBC, The Grand Tour can never do cheap car challenges; at least not in the form that we're familiar with. The show has proven to have more than enough segments to fill an episode, but we're all going to miss cheap car challenges.


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Comments (3)

  • The BBC should's self really. The end of Top Gear is fast approaching with the show tanking in the ratings on both sides of the Atlantic so once that dies a death perhaps the restriction can be lifted and the boys can bring back all the segments we love. Starting with bringing back his holiness The Stig...........

      3 years ago
  • They can't *call* them cheap car challenges, but they can do them. They did with the old Maseratis first season. Intellectual property aside, it's amazing what a little creative rebranding can do.

      3 years ago
  • When will season 1 be released on DVD? I'm not going to fork over $99 just to see one show

      3 years ago