The Grand Tour's Shipment Might Give Some Clues Of What To Expect. Or Maybe Not

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Jeremy Clarkson has been busy with his Instagram and DriveTribe thumbs this morning as he shared a picture of some care packages they received from Land Rover. The picture shows three boxes, presumably identical ones, addressed to Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard... Actually, not Richard Hammond. The third box was addressed to Chris Harris.

Chris Harris is a member of the New NEW Top Gear trio, consisting of himself, Rory Reid, and Matt LeBlanc. So this might just be a plain ol' dumb mistake by the folks at Jaguar Land Rover, not remembering the automotive entertainment presenters properly, since The Grand Tour Trio's third member is obviously Richard Hammond and not Chris Harris.

OR. And this might be a very big OR. Maybe this might give us some insight as to what we can expect for the second season of The Grand Tour, which streams again come December 8th. If you can recall, Richard Hammond spectacularly binned a massively expensive pure electric Rimac Concept One. The result of that horrifying crash was the Hamster being sent to the hospital and out of filming duties for a while.

Could Chris Harris be potentially joining The Grand Tour team to help fill in for Richard Hammond? Are we totally wrong in this speculation? Should we throw away our tin foil hat and rejoin the rest of society as functioning members? Should we totally tune in to Amazon Prime to check out season 2 of The Grand Tour? Will you?

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  • no celebrity brian crash?... “You mean they’re not coming on then?”

    1 year ago
  • Mr. A: "Let's see. So we got Jeremy, James............uhhhh......what's the short one's name again?"

    Mr. B: "Which one?"

    1 year ago
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