The Grand Tour's Stunt Driver Audition: Take 2

1y ago


In their hunt for a replacement for The American, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond has been working hard trying to find a suitable racing driver. Their first interviewee, Mark Webber didn't exactly have the impartiality needed by a test driver, and their second driver didn't have the penchant to finish a lap.

In this latest The Grand Tour teaser, the trio decided to give their Stunt Driver another go. It. Didn't. Go Well. See for yourself:

The Grand Tour returns to Amazon Prime on December 8th, 2017. Will you be streaming?

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Comments (3)
  • I think Hammonds' new nick name should be 'Captain Obvious'.

    1 year ago
    1 Bump
  • I love the idea of having different stunt drivers on the show. They never get the credit they deserve. Of course it could be extremely expensive

    1 year ago
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