The Greaser Garage Super Cub

Even the best-seller in the two-wheels world can become a nice base for a custom project.

1y ago

There are no "impossible" vehicles to customize, that's our philosophy at the Greaser Garage. So when a local Honda dealer - Espressione Moto - asked us to do something on a brand new Honda Super Cub we went crazy.

We simply love the Super Cub and the little moped that this new version celebrates. In Europe its fame is a little underestimated but in many countries, from the US to the far East, it is a true legend. With its 100+ millions units sold the Cub - in its various trims - outclasses every other two or four wheels model when it comes to numbers.

This 2019 Super Cub is an hommage to this incredibly successful story but in all new, cool and refined way. The engine is a 125cc four stroke that lays down in the lower part of the body, like in all previous models.

The frame is more modern compared to the skinny tubes of the old one and the body panels share the same classic lines but look way more refined and tidy.

The most peculiar feature, in my opinion, is the 4 speed gearbox that is actuated through an old-style footrest and without using the clutch (in fact there's no lever on the left). You simply press down your tiptoe to insert the next gear or push on the back pedal with your heel to downshift.

The first time you ride it you have to change your mind a bit to understand the new set of movement you need to get going but then it becomes unbelievably fun!

The concept of our customization was to make it a little more addicted to some urban and street abuse and more suitable to the youngster audience. We didn't want to twist it too much because we really like its lines but we desired a sportier and more essential look.

We decided to cut the rear fender: there's no need to leave a lot of space because the Super Cub is homologated for only one person. We kept the stock saddle but we covered it in a shiny red leather.

We removed the stock huge exhaust and replaced it with a short black muffler unit with a shorter header covered in heat tape. Now the sound it makes is unpredictably loud and rough, with some bangs when releasing the throttle!

We replaced the stock suspensions with shorter dampers equipped with red springs to give our Super Cub a whole new stance. At the front we did the same by shortening the fork legs.

At the front we made probably the biggest change: the original front fairing that rotates together with the forks has been cut and now the upper part of it is linked with the body while the forks covers have been enlarged and still rotate with the steering. The headlight has moved from the handlebar to the center of the front fairing.

The whole shape looks closer to the ground and more dynamic: to underline the steet attitude of our Super Cub we used an handlebar coming directly from a BMX bicycle that fits perfectly the new approach.

The tail lights are included in the shape of the new rear end and they embody the turn signals.

The handling has been considerably improved thanks to the new larger tyres with all-road design: the Super Cub is at home even in a skate park!

We also kept the basic color scheme of the classic Cub but we adopted matt colors and a more intriguing red-white-black combo. The front rim is covered in matt red to match the front end while the rear wheel is totally black and covered with bespoke wheel cover we realized for this project.

The new position of the headlight required a whole new re-design of the front end but we're pretty satisfied with the result. Everything has been re-built in aluminum and it really looks perfectly shaped to fit the stock parts.

A new super-small GPS instrument replaces the stock gauges and it's mounted directly on the steerer to leave the handlebar completely clean.

The next upgrade will be for sure a side stand, considering that the Super Cub is equipped with a big central stand: we think it would be more suitable for the new style.

It's a real fun to work on projects like this because you get the opportunity to try something new and explore new territories both for riding and styling.

Modifying vehicles like this can be considered a taboo among many customizers but we are only driven by passion and curiosity so every request, especially the most unusual, represents an opportunity and a challenge.

Our Super Cub will be on stage at he 2019 edition of the EICMA, the world bike and motorbike exhibition that takes place every year in Milan in November so maybe you'll get the chance to see it "in the flesh"!

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  • Love the article Matteo! That's a really interesting place for a shoot!

      1 year ago
    • Yeah, it's one of my favourite spot here in Genoa!!

        1 year ago