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The great 1.5M£ BEV fiasco.

" they are useless for chasing criminals because they 'can't go fast enough or far enough without a battery change'" Policemen admit.

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As we all know the emergency services of a city aren´t only there for show when it comes to teach kids about professions, they have the duty of protecting people, saving people, and of course... protecting both public and private property from destruction

However, for London, the switch to cleaner energy didn´t quite work out well since the 1.5M£ spent on electric cars has been of no use except to end up being as useful as a paperweight.

A police car has to be able to travel long distances in a day while being stopped the less time as possible, it also needs to be fast enough to chase after fleeing criminals on the city and the highway.

The Police department on GB has expent a lot of money on electric cars to avoid paying the daily tax for entering the ultra-low emission zone (£ 12.50) made by Mayor Sadiq Khan's to try and lower C02 emissions, Scotland Yard as well bought over 134 of these clean mobility vehicles.

According to official police reports the new additions to the fleet cannot meet the demands of emergency responses or pursuit driving, The electric cars take too long to charge up or be ready for 1k calls and could easily run out of battery before a shift ends.

What we can get out of this?

Although I am sure that a thief in GB will not be able to steal a Bmw or an Audi to escape from justice, I am sure that the easiest way to escape the cops driving in cheap Bev cars will be having a gas car that can accelerate to 60mph in less than 5-7 seconds, although the obvious option of buying old P85D-P90D for service is there the costs for them are still too high without mentioning the problem of charging and reduced performance is there.

For now... we should stick with petrol for emergency labors and let Bev patrol cars develop the Menial tasks of patrolling neighborhoods and helping old people go upstairs.

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