The Great Drivetribe Craigslist Challenge Social Experiment!

It's all fun and games 'till someone gets a Yugo...

1w ago

Welcome to the Great Drivetribe Craigslist Challenge Social Experiment!* Here are the rules: In this hypothetical scenario, you have a $10,000 budget to find two cars/trucks/SUVs, but you don't get to keep either of them (and no, you don't get to keep whatever money you don't spend. The money is imaginary, so there's no point anyway).

The first vehicle you pick goes to the commenter who commented their picks last, and the second vehicle you pick goes to the next commenter who comments their picks. So by the end of this, everyone except me and the very last commenter gets two cars, chosen for them by their fellow commenters!

Also, you can't sell the cars your fellow commenters choose for you for at least 20 years. And you must make an effort to drive them at least twice a week, lest bad karma fall upon you. You can be as generous or cruel in your choices as you want, but know that you are at the mercy of whoever comments after you.

If you don't have Craigslist where you live, you can still play, just search for cars in California.

To start things off, whoever comments their picks first gets this nicely patina'd 1971 Volkswagen Beetle:

Let the games begin!

*I've also posted this challenge on You can read that challenge and its responses here:

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