- My photo of my purchase from DriveTrube shop

The great event. Richard will come to Warsaw Motor Show, 17 November, 2018

And finally we learned what a limited flavor in the form of Clarkson from Drivetribe shop smell like.

I want to give Richard at this event so many presents as I can. I didn’t even forget about Belarusian chips

And more magic gifts for the heart and soul of Richard Hammond, that which is precious and important to him.

Will Richard be able to hand over the gifts to Jeremy and James? I dreamed of giving them a lot of things and inflatable flamingos for glasses with drinks in the pool :)

I bought souvenirs at the DriveTribe store and I dream very much to get autographs for them in return! :) I will show the photo of this things. And I dream that Richard will read my letter :) I hope I will be able to give all this to him and get all my dreams come true ... Otherwise I won’t be back in Belarus, because then I will need to find Richard Hammond!

I dream to tell more after this treasured and most important day in my life.

And I also want to express my great gratitude to @LouLou. Without her reporting on this event, I could not get there ... I wish her all the best and good, success and happiness :)

I bought tickets on the same day when I found out about Richard Hammond's arrival in Poland. After all, Poland is very close to Belarus ...

On my photo you can see a little pink inflatable flamingo and very nice smelling Clarkson. So nice and clever Clarkson's head I have bought at Drivetribe shop. Let me tell you a secret, it smells like a real Clarkson could smell! A mixture of expensive invisible perfumes, a little sweat and a masculine smell :) Very expressive flavoring . I enjoy it. What smell has got James and Richard? Will be James smell like a variety of flower bouquets or like lube? Will be Richard smell like gasoline or like freedom fields and fresh air? I hope we can find out it by following the updates on DriveTribe shop.


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Comments (2)

  • Good luck Svetlana! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

      2 years ago
  • Oh Svetlana, I'm over the moon you have the opportunity to go to this event 😃 You're most welcome. May I wish you lots of Good Luck in your quest. Thank you so much for the mention too, and I also wish you much success and happiness too. Have fun and enjoy 💕

      2 years ago