- My former 2010 Chevrolet Chevy-Rebadged Opel Corsa B

The Great Mexican Chevy

How I bonded with my daily driver getting stood up 60 miles away

When we think of cars, they are objectively, just inanimate objects, tools to an end, but petrolheads, feel like there's much more than just steel, plastic and rubber, we share experiences with them, we think of them as living beings, after all we spend hours with them everyday when we drive to work. Cars are many things, but one that sometimes we don't mention enough is that they become a third home for all of us drivers, when we're having a bad day, we feel angry, we feel sad, frustrated, it's the place where we feel secure.

In Mexico the Opel Corsa B is regarded as one of the quintissential daily drivers of the last 25 years, no wonder it was produced for almost 20 years practically unchanged, well, that and the absurd standards of safety regulations on Latin America, this is the story of my Corsa B.

On May 2018 I bought a used 2010 Chevrolet Chevy C3, a rebadged Corsa B as a daily driver, compared to my classic VW, it was an improvement on all practical senses, better fuel economy, more comfortable, and overall much more refined, however unlike the VW, I didn't make an instant connection, and often disregarded it as just the workhorse for daily use.

As time went by, I started to like more the little car, it was nimble, quick, easy to drive and spin out the front wheels, but the moment I bonded with it, was on a not so great situation. Back in June 2018, I met a girl, from work, she worked on another plant from the same company ;60 miles away; and met her while she visited us on a company course. Long story short, after a couple of weeks of exchanging funny texts, memes, and tales from each workplace, I asked her out, I'd visit her on her hometown on a Monday, after work.

Monday arrived and I suited up for the ocassion, I rushed through that day of work and couldn't wait until 5:00pm to get out, without a doubt on my mind I exited the office, fired up the engine, put on some Phil Collins, and drove straight to her hometown.

Around a quarter of the way, I text her to get a location to pick her up..... no response, a while later I call her..... no response. At around half the way, I realize that I was driving to a non existent date, to a small town still 30 miles away, stress and overthinking got the better of me and at that time It seemed a better idea to just drive all the way to calm myself down than just return home and admit defeat.

That drive ended up in a supermarket, on her hometown, with me buying 4 Hot wheels; still got those on my collection; and well, her..... she never responded, or texted back again. After buying those little toy cars I got back in the little "Chevy" and drove 60 miles back to home.

That moment, when I was feeling insecure and doubting on myself, that little black car was the safest place to me on the world, I was able to get my sh*t together and compose myself on that 120 mile drive, during those couple of hours, that car became my thinking place. After that night, the little daily driver I barely cared for, became a car that to this day I cherish.

Front shot of the Chevrolet Chevy

Front shot of the Chevrolet Chevy

All cars we own become important to us on many different ways, and oddly enough, it is Daily drivers/commuters, that we often overlook as not meaningful enough just because they serve a specific and somehow demenial purpose, however, being the ones we spent the most time with, it's obvious to form a bond. Hours driving across traffic to reach destinations become stories that you treasure, even if the car wasn't that special to begin with.

Today I look back at all those miles I drove in that little Opel "Chevy", everyday was a different story, whether it was the time I got stood up, the time I tried to powerslide it; only to hit a curb and dent the rear left wheel; or just driving around with friends, that car just gave and gave, it wasn't really fast or safe at any speed, it only had manual windows, no electric locks, but overall, was surprisingly endearing.

Calling the Chevrolet "Chevy" just another compact car on the mexican market would be fair as it wasn't exceptional on any other way, it wasn't produced as long as the Nissan Sentra B13 (Tsuru in Mexico), or as historically relevant as the Beetle, but calling it a great commuter; if you can overlook how unsafe it is; would definitely be an understatement.

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Comments (14)

  • Chevrolet Chevy? Sound pathetic doesn't it.

      1 year ago
    • Not being rude or something, everyone needs a daily

        1 year ago
    • Not as bad as the name GM gave to their European and UK rival to the Fiat 500. It was know as the Opel/Vauxhall Adam.

        1 year ago
  • Funny, I did drive home after a failed date in a Corsa B a couple of years ago. Unlike you, the date did happen, but we quickly realised it wasn't going to work. I don't have the car anymore but I have fond memories of it. Fun to drive and economical. What engine does yours have, an Ecotec by any chance?

      1 year ago
    • It had a 1.6 L 4 cylinder engine, it produced 100hp, yeah I really got fond with that little car, my dad actually bought it from me and then sold it due to the current situation

        1 year ago
    • I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you have found or will find a great replacement for it.

        1 year ago
  • So WTF, did you ever ask her why she stood you up?? I mean you both worked for the same company and met personally.

    On a separate note who in the hell goes out on a date on a Monday?

      1 year ago
    • She worked for the same company but on another plant far away, no, we never spoke again, not personally, or professionally, I suggested Monday, since it was a day I always could escape early from work, she didn't suggest any other day

        1 year ago