The great Zero Emissions scandal

The emissions from zero emissions aren't zero emissions but quite a few emissions, actually.

5y ago

My imagination of Zero Emission cars is them bumbling around a world full of cuddly toys, roads constructed from fresh linen and a slight bluey-green sepia instagram filter. However, do they have a rather dirty secret?

As most of us within the 21st century are aware, car factories are huge, lumbering facilities that puke out carbon, methane, heavy metals and all those other elements that you definitely wouldn't want in your bath water. So the question must be asked.... where are these 'Zero Emission' cars being manufactured? A secondary planet, perhaps? Or possibly an industrial-scale vacuum which extracts and relocates all of its dirty laundry?

Green Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret

Bjorn Lomborg

No. In fact, 'Zero Emission' cars are manufactured in the same great big stinking factories which produce all of the other cars we see on the road. Not only this, the green cars take a much longer route to get there - with numerous precious metals and rare materials required from across the globe to create the new technologies.

Moreover, how about all of this electricity the cars are guzzling instead of that good old fashioned fossil fuel? Is 100% of that produced whilst creating zero emissions? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I drove past the Drax Power Station, rainbows and roses weren't belching from its 650 ft. tall chimney.


Do not for one second consider me an advocate of fossil fuels over electric, hydrogen and other 'Zero Emission' vehicles.

Diesel is in the dark ages and petrol is perilously close to destroying the ozone layer. We simply need change. For this rate of change to increase, the social and economic belief in the technology must do the same. Companies must stop selling the 'Green Revolution' off as a marketing ploy and actually provide hard, rigid facts. The consumer must believe in the product and therefore support it. So, who's doing this?

Tesla are producing what I believe to be the only choice in electric car - and I haven't seen a 'Zero Emission' badge on one of them. Understated, rigorously technical and incredibly efficient, we can look at Tesla for not only the future of renewable vehicles but what is currently in demand.

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