T​he Greatest Automotive Poll - Deciding the Best Car in the World

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Car loving b​oys and girls, men and woman, have always struggled to find the answer to one of the hardest questions in the world. No, not the meaning of life (It's 42), but a question much deeper - what is the greatest car...in the world? Whether on a school playground or a run down bar, this question has always baffled and divided us. This month, we, the people of DriveTribe will work to find an answer to it.

B​ut How?

Introducing the greatest automotive poll. This will be a multi part, bracket style competition made with the intention of crowning one car, the greatest of all time. The number of rounds will depend on the number of cars nominated on this post.

H​ow do I nominate my favorite car(s)?

You may nominate up to three cars that you personally think are some of the greatest of all time. Preferably cars that have contributed something to the automotive world. To do so, simply comment your choice of up to three cars in the comments of this post. However, for this to work, we have to have a lot of people share their opinions. So, to gain as many answers as possible, please tag some fellow DriveTribers in your comment and encourage them to participate. Spread the word! This won't work unless we have as many people as possible participate. Tag people, repost this, let people know in any way you can.

W​hat happens after we nominate our favorite cars?

A​fter I feel a sufficient amount of people have commented their picks, I will put together a bracket, pitting the nominated cars against each other. The winners of each bracket will progress on the the next round to face off against different cars. In the end, two cars will be left. The winner of that poll will be crowned the greatest car of all time. Again, as these polls come out, tag people in them and share them. I want this to truly represent the voice of the DriveTribe community, not just a handful of people.

Now Comment up to 3 picks for what you think are the greastest cars of all time. Make sure to tag others, and repost this! It won't work as well if you don't.

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Comments (49)

  • Hammerhead Eagle I-Thrust

    Hammerhead Eagle I-Thrust

    Hammerhead Eagle I-Thrust

      9 days ago
    • And for the nomination or whatever, I think ‘s choices were the best.

        9 days ago
    • Well of course they were. There can be no arguments with them!

        9 days ago
  • Porsche 911 (any generation)

    Ford F-150 pickup (any generation)

    VW Golf (any generation)


      10 days ago
  • My picks are these:

    RUF Yellowbird

    Mclaren 675LT (I'm sure the P1 and the F1 would pop in here, so, I'm not picking them)

    And, the 458 Italia (I may not like it that much, but it set up the steps for the modern Ferrari)

      10 days ago
  • McLaren F1

    Ford GT40

    Ferrari 250 GTO

      10 days ago
  • 1. BMW e39 5 Series

    2. Mercedes w123 platform

    3. Skoda Octavia

    Fairly normal but signififcant and great cars

      10 days ago