The Greatest Bond Cars

Here's the best from Bond's 25 adventures

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With 'A Time To Die' set to hit cinemas in April, and Bond being confirmed to ride Triumph motorcycles, I thought I'd put a list together of Bond's best cars from his last 25 films. You can vote for your favourite at the end - in no particular order

Aston Martin DB5

No list could start with any other car than the DB5. The films almost go hand-in-hand popularity wise with the classic Aston. The original from 1964's Goldfinger sold at auction for $4.6M.

Lotus Esprit

The star of the 1977 Bond film 'The Spy Who Loved Me' was the MK1 Lotus Esprit. The amphibious creation was piloted by Roger Moore, who threw out a fish when he got the car back onto land via the beach. We're not sure how it got in there in the first place...

Ferrari 355

OK, Bond would never been seen in something as ostentatious as a Ferrari 355, but he did have a memorable race with one in his DB5 over the Alps in GoldenEye. Pierce Brosnan was arguably my favourite Bond.

Aston Martin DBS

Daniel Craig's Aston Martin DBS took a huge tumble in Casino Royale, shortly after saving his life with a built in defibrillator after he was poisoned during a card game. As sad as it is to see such a lovely DBS get smashed to bits, it was worth it for a cracking stunt

BMW 750

In 1997's 'Tomorrow Never Dies' Bond gets a very trick BMW 7 Series from the late Desmond Llewelyn (playing Q)

It had a handy remote control to foil the bad guys, as well as electric shock door handles. Gotta love the bond gadgets.

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