The Greatest Road Car Of Them All: The Porsche Carrera GT

Almost completely analog. You and the car. Man and machine.

The Porsche Carrera GT has gone down as one of the most desirable cars ever. It is powered by a V-10 that was originally going to be used in Formula one and it has a manual transmission with a wooden shift knob. It had a design like no other Porsche before and some even swear that it has the best sounding engine on planet earth. Lets dig in deeper to find out what the Porsche Carrera GT is all about.

The Porsche Carrera GT was a top secret project and many people who worked at Porsche had no idea that this insane car was being produced. Porsche was developing a V-10 for a Formula One team called Footwork, but the V-10 project was shelved. It would later return when Porsche decided to shake things up and make a supercar. In its concept stages it was going to have a displacement of 5.5 L, but when the production variation arrived in 2003, it had a displacement of 5.7 L. The high performing 5.7 L V-10 is naturally aspirated and uses dual overhead camshafts. The exhaust valves are filled with sodium for cooling. It uses a dry-sump oil system with an aluminum block and aluminum heads. The motor was rated by Porsche at 603 horsepower and 435 lb ft of torque. It can propel from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The engine could rev all the way up to 8,400 rpm. There is nothing like a screaming V-10 that is naturally aspirated is there?

The Porsche Carrera GT in 2004 went up for purchase and it struggled to sell. It had a hefty price of $450,000. Today it is worth about $1 million, but at that time people didn't want to spend half a million on a Porsche when they could buy a Ferrari Enzo. Eventually it started to catch on and is now one of the most desirable cars on the planet. But there is more than one reason they have become so valuable. The Porsche Carrera GT is known to be a dangerous car. It's transmission is not easy to operate and it does not have stability control. If you spun out you likely wouldn't be able to bring it back. It is estimated that 25% of Carrera GTs have been destroyed. Only about 1,270 were ever created. Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and his best friend died in one. And years prior Jay Leno crashed one while on a race track.

The Porsche Carrera GT is also incredibly beautiful. The large humps where the intake manifold rests makes for a unique look and the targa roof style adds to the emotional experience when driving the Porsche Carrera GT. The front end design is truly simple but that is usually what is best. The car is effortlessly timeless and elegant. This one has an amazing spec. Basalt black with a red interior. Porsche placed the stick shift high so you didn't have to reach far down to shift. Not many colors were offered for the Carrera GT and most are GT silver metallic. You can also find them in Seal Grey, Fayence Yellow, Guards Red and Basalt Black like this one. And very few were special ordered in a different colorway.

There you have it. The Porsche Carrera GT. It is truly one of the greatest cars that will ever be made and it is not just the last of its kind. It is a one of a kind. There is nothing else like the Carrera GT. Who knew that the same creators of the 911 would make an analog V-10 supercar in the early 2000s. And people probably didn't know it would become worth a million dollars. Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed don't forget to bump and follow for more!

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  • Debatable title

      30 days ago
  • The title is a bit controversial ngl

      30 days ago
  • I think that it was the last of its kind, but the best of its kind was definitely the Mclaren F1 for me. It was faster, more revolutionary, probably more involving and more significant than the CGT.

      28 days ago
  • Not gonna argue with that statement, it is probably one of the purest driving experiences out there, which is probably not gonna be repeated anytime soon

      29 days ago
  • I think I owned one of these CGT Hotwheels like 8-9 years back, can't remember what happened to it.

      30 days ago