The greatest supercar ever. Discuss. (6 marks)

Jay R posted in JOYRIDERZ
2y ago


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  • Paul Walker in our hearts :(

      2 years ago
  • I love the looks of a first gen r8

      2 years ago
  • Zooooondaaaaaa

      2 years ago
  • I think it's the Huracan Peformante, it has revolutionary aerodynamics, insane grip, and it looks good.

      2 years ago
  • The Carrera GT is an amazing car, but in my opinion the title of ‘greatest supercar ever’ would have to go to the NSX. This is because not only was the Ayrton Senna involved with it, but it was the car that could and would beat Ferraris and for a lot less. The NSX is a beautiful looking car, just as good performance wise, and seeing as they are going for around £40k for an older model, they are also amazing in price.

      2 years ago