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Have you ever seen two or more identical cars in the same place? You’re bound to have experienced this before, either with your car or even spotted it when you’re out and about.

Well, there’s a name for this and it’s called the GTA Effect. Well, that’s what a group on Facebook calls it. You see, it’s always cool and a bit weird to see multiple versions of the same car in the same place. This effect is a bit broad as it can apply to anything from the same model, right down to the same models being identical, right down to the choice of alloy wheels.

A common place to see this happen is at a new car dealership where they often stock identical cars which is due to what the market demands. For example, you go to your local BMW dealership and there most likely will be two identical 320d M Sport saloons in the same spec as they are popular choices with new car buyers.

However, it is less common to see identical cars on the road or even parked up in the supermarket car park.

I’ve experienced this too where I’ve seen matching Ford Fiesta ST parked up together in a McDonald’s car park. Sure, there are people (normally friends) who buy identical cars as that’s what they like, but there’s something magical when two strangers have the same car and they park next to each other.

The reason why this is called the GTA Effect is quite simple. Take GTA V as an example. You could be driving about in downtown Los Santos and the traffic AI will normally be driving the same car as you are, leading to multiple of the same car in traffic. This is probably due to the way the traffic AI is coded, but it can be rather infuriating in the game.

Have you experience this?

I want to know if anyone else has experienced the GTA Effect in the comments. So tell me how it went for you, and if you have a picture, please share it. I would love to see what everyone has seen!

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  • Well, I don't know why GTA V still has this effect (maybe only on low-end hardware), but it's origin comes from the first couple GTA's. Back then the consoles hadn't enough memory (RAM) to load all car models at the same time, so they loaded the same model in different colours. Until you crossed a loading point where it randomised the car models again.

    12 days ago
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  • Like this? Lol

    15 days ago
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