The guy who hates nearly everything picks his favourite countries.

Another internationally political post because I posted some car stuff earlier. Don't complain I couldn't care a less tbh. Enjoy!

Yes. I am posting pointless crap again๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ! But for once I am neither hating on myself or hating on everyone else as a result of my own self-consciousness. Today we aren't hating at all in actual fact. Believe you me I'm as surprised as you are. Anyway enjoy it if possible, I hope I'm not asking too much. Maybe, you'll agree, let me know and for what it's worth you might as well like the post if you would be so kind.


I like England. I love it actually. Adore it even. London will most probably be my favourite city ever, forever. Unless it goes Watch Dogs Legion style. Oooooh I should write about that actually. Ok nevermind about that for now. England is just a superb country to be in. You've got the beautiful Lake and Peak Districts, London as mentioned, the postcard-perfect southern towns, and a bunch of amazingly cultural and historic towns famed for the awesome old england buildings. They've got the wit, they've got the sarcasm. They've got funny accents too, and some really annoying ones. And the fact that literally half of my heritage is English I really should have a rather biased love for the place.


To not like Japan is like not liking Peppa Pig, it just doesn't happen (I mean what no I don't like Peppa Pig how old am I six?๐Ÿ˜จ). But when people say that the Japanese are living in the year 3000 they actually aren't too far removed from reality. Everything about the land of the rising sun simply bewilders me. The eye-watering scenery for example, is the full experience. You've got mountains, beaches, cities, plains, the lot. But beyond this, is something truly extraordinary. It's the life, the culture, the ways of Japan that really amaze. A more pleasantly unique country I doubt you could find. All the quirky little ways just seem to make it something else, like the train station jingles, the mini-social-pods, all of these funny little things that make the place shine. It's magnificent, that's all I can say.


Obviously you'd love your home country, especially if it is genuinely a great place, so I was bound to include Ireland. Though the thing is, there is something unexplainably homely about the republic, something which up until recently I would have dismissed as patriotic nonsense. But coming into Ireland is a feeling of welcomeness and warmth that I believe is not near a common thing to find across the globe. Turns out it's true. An exceptional population of funny, friendly people, picture perfect scenery and a real heart of gold. Oh and have you seen our little elf of a president......yeah that says it all.

South Korea:

It's always fascinated me, the ol' SK. Such a treacherous past, a rather treacherous present, and even a treacherous future in many aspects. And beyond that, a modern day miracle with a culture of amazement beyond belief. It's just so cool a country. So unique and interesting. I'd love to see Seoul, but more importantly I'd love to see where the best car brand of all time began ('the best' is a statement based off extensive scientific research, don't ask).


It's another 'whole package' kind of country for my final choice. I mean it really has got it all. It is so incredibly famous for all it contributes to the world, whether that food, cars, or even an ideal location for a good summer break. Not the brightest of historys but what place has, it's a gem of a place. Plus brownie points from me for being the inventors of pizza, pasta and ice cream, my three literal most favourite things ever.

And so comes the end of another pointless waste of time. I might make a hated list too just to annoy people, but we'll see. Thank you for reading and I beg, share your list too. Adios amigos.

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