- S​CG's Race Team reassembling the SCG004C after an oil fire.

The guys on the S​CG Race Team never rest.

Some might think after SCG's Race Team successfully pulled off a 48-hour mechanical miracle, by tearing down and rebuilding their SCG004C after an unfortunate oil fire, they might take a moment to relax. Then you would be thinking wrong because right after qualifying for The 24 Hours of Nürburgring, they were right back at it again.

T​he Right Building Blocks

T​here wasn't any question, SCG could have had things go better for them at the 6hr qualifying event. The important thing to remember is they had gotten everything they had come for. Nothing was more important than the priceless real-world Nürburgring data that was collected from both the car and it's drivers. Sure they qualified, but they have only started to scratch the surface of what the 004C is capable of on the track. Less than 12 hours after packing up their 004C, they were back at their European base of operations in Italy pouring over their car. With this being the first event at Nürburgring for the 004C they had some key areas they wanted to have improved in plenty of time to incorporate the changes for the main event in September.

S​CG 004C cockpit. Photo provided by SCG

S​CG 004C cockpit. Photo provided by SCG

Your Drivers Won't Steer You Wrong

The most pressing issue that needed to be addressed was the 004C's steering feedback. The drivers reported that the 004C lacked sufficient steering feedback to be able to push the car's capabilities. You might be asking, does this happen only with smaller teams like SCG? Well, the reality is it happens to every team, even to the best of them. There isn't any doubt that SCG has spent serious time, money, and effort into developing their next-generation racer. The 004C looks to build on the past success of the SCG 003C and they have developed something remarkable with the 004C but the reality is as Jesse Glickenhaus said, " There are just some things about the Nürburgring you can only learn from racing there". That was the case with the 004Cs steering. Knowing that their ability to address this issue quickly would be critical to their performance at The 24 Hours of Nürburgring they start working on a fix immediately.

With detailed feedback from their drivers, they started by tearing down the 004C to identify the issue. They were busy analyzing the data on day one. Next, they worked with their engineering partners to design a solution in less than four days. By the fifth day, they had the new component fabricated and installed. In just a week they had their drivers back in the car testing and collecting additional data with the new component installed. They quickly found that the fix had addressed the 004C's overall steering feedback. SCG's ability to address this issue in mere days, allowed them to overcome a major obstacle. Now they have the time and opportunity to fine-tune their breaking and ABS. The SCG Race Team's tireless efforts to improve the 004C should ensure that they are better positioned for The 24 Hours of Nürburgring.

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