You may argue that all 911s are turbos now. But not all 911s are Turbos. Fancy to get some G's in ya face and destroy your good hairday?

Seems that all Turbos are great cars and the fact that they always manage to make the new one even better is truly remarkable. In the 911 range the Turbo's pretty much known as the daddy. So when #Porsche decided to launch the Turbo S, people just knew that it was going to be harder, better, faster, stronger. Just like Kanye West said.

Less hardcore than a GT3 RS and less involving than a "R", the Turbo S is yet faster and more refined. Porsche made this car the perfect autobahn cruiser. A couple of weeks ago we showcased the 997.2 Turbo S Cabriolet, that is already a pretty good damn piece of automobile. So what changed? Let's admit it, the car is now even more desirable than ever, with its 3D head and taillights, large infotainment screen, steering wheel from the 918, and general more modern design. Still, it stays a true 911.

It's more evolution, than revolution.

It's more evolution, than revolution.

The car is faster than before, so let's talk about some numbers here. The 580hp 3.8l flat-six will take you from 0-100 in 2.6s, and reach a top speed of 330kmh. To reach this level of performance its best weapon is its PDK gearbox that will always find the best solution to either cruise or to quickly respond to a kick down. The Turbo S is also equipped with a brand new rear-wheel steering that will help make the car more agile in tight corners. It's no revolution but it's pretty dope. While the car is getting faster and faster, engineers from Porsche also managed to save an extra couple of penguins by reducing the fuel consumption to 7.6l/100km. High emotions, low emissions. That's what they said.

harder, better, faster, stronger. Just like Kanye West said.

Jonathan Yarden

So, how is this 911 to drive? Piece of cake. You have probably never driven a more practical supercar. Everything is useful and right at its place. You feel that the interior has been developed to just jump in, select "D", and go. Nothing simpler. As mentioned before, this car is more refined than the crazy GT3 RS. Which can be a good thing if you drive a lot, and care for your backbones. The Turbo S' interior is comfortable and elegant. It surely is a nice place to stay. Tech isn't too bad either, you get quite a large touchscreen in the center console, with numerous applications that will make your car even more enjoyable than your living room. All of this in a 2.6s 0-100kmh car that you can easily use everyday. For some people, this car is too sanitised. And I will agree with them. It isn't the same kind of excitement, you can get in a 911R. Is it too perfect? Maybe. But this is what the 911 has become in general. A fatter, more comfortable, more usable, and sharper car. It has been at the top for 50 years, and making it too perfect is what will make them step more and more into the legend.

The car is wider than a regular 911. The rear-wheel steering will help in a narrow parking.

The car is wider than a regular 911. The rear-wheel steering will help in a narrow parking.

Equipped with a 4x4 system, the car will still oversteer if you have the balls to do it. Otherwise, you will maybe never find something as grippy as this thing. The chassis is really playful, so you won't be bored at the track. This new benchmark for speed will simply destroy anything on a straight line. Anything. Being a convertible, the car has the advantage to be the perfect get away car. There is nothing better than listening to a flat-six roaring in a tunnel with no roof on. Usually, convertibles are heavier, but this one you won't even feel the extra kilos. The Turbo S Cabriolet is probably the most complete 911 there is. You can drive on the snow, in the sun with the roof down, and will basically be the car you want it to be. It may not procure the same goosebumps as an RS, but it's faster and easier to live with. That might make it the best ever sports car. Or the clever choice.

Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car. Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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