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The hatchback that should have been

What could have been the greatest hatchback ever

2y ago

Back in 1984 at the Geneva Motor Show the Sbarro Super 8 was shown. I hear you ask what is Sbarro? Well it is a Swiss company founded by Franco Sbarro and they develop high performance replicas and custom sports cars.

Over the years they have created many fascinating concept cars with this one taking the cake. There was only one made and it had a 3-litre V8 that could produce 240 hp. Also, thanks to its plastic body it just weighed in at 800 kilograms.

Image source:fr.motor1.com

Image source:fr.motor1.com

This car had shared the same gearbox and engine from a Ferrari 308 which means it is often referred to as the Ferrari 308 hatchback.

This rear wheel drive, mid-engined hatch had a 5 speed manual gearbox. It's bigger and very similar looking sister the Super 12 had a 2.6-litre V12 that was two Kawasaki Z1300 engines combined. The Super 8 was based on the Ferrari 308 and could hit an estimated top speed of 137 mph (220 km/h).

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