The Hellrot. Part deux

Read about: my e34 obsession, make sure to check part (1)

Let's pick up where I left off.

The M-tech kit was not complete. I needed the M-mirrors to complete the M-Sport plan. The real deal ones. I found a good set on the german e34 forum. After a few months of delays they arrived for Christmas (2011). Also finally ditched those MiM wheels. They were my winter set.. ended up getting a nice set of Borbet Type Es. February 2012

Next on the check list - 3.15 LSD. Gotta find it cheap, still in college. I did find it - in Yonkers, NY. And so my buddy Jay and myself went on a trip. I am not going to go into details, but the diff was in somebodies front yard. We quickly loaded it up, not many questions asked and took off.... May 2012

And off to the Texas chapter of my life. The relocation package from work included car transportation, so the E34 went on a trailer and met me in Sugar Land. Or I did, after 10 days of being car-less. Yeah public transport in Sugar Land, doesn't exist as I found out quiclyk.

And then I met the Tex Fest LSBF crew and their fearsome leader (yeah you guessed it right - Sherman)... and it's all been down hill since then. I think the last item on the check list for the Hellrot were the Rondell 58s. I found them in OH. This wasn't cheap, but I wasn't in college either.

I kept the car until 2014, when a good friend of mine from upstate NY, expressed interest in my E34. And I expressed interest in his E39 M5. The rest was history.

In March 2014, he drove down to Texas we exchanges keys and titles, and my E34 ownership ended. I was behind the wheel of the Businessman's Express, the mighty S62B50. E39 ///M5.

Last picture. The car sounded amazing.

Last picture. The car sounded amazing.

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Comments (2)

  • Mate! Didn't realise you had an E34. Looked an absolute peach!

      3 years ago
    • Thanks AE. Yeah that was my first BMW. I ended up getting back into an E34 a few months back. This time with a long roof.

        3 years ago