The Hennessey Venom F5 is revealed at SEMA

DriveTribe witnesses the unveiling of the hypercar to end all hypercars with a claimed top speed of 301mph

3y ago

The hypercar war just got that little bit hotter with the latest unveiling at SEMA. John Hennessey has just revealed his attempt at what could be the world’s fastest road-legal car, the 301mph Venom F5. Yes, you read that correctly, Hennessey claims the F5 will crack the holy-grail speed barrier of 300mph.

Hennessey has aptly named the Venom F5 after one of the most destructive and powerful types of tornado speed winds; it’s the Texan tuners latest attempt to marry the mediums of lightweight and a huge power number with the single aim of breaking the 300mph barrier.

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Live unveiling of the F5 at SEMA - Credit Zander Warren

Let’s get down to the numbers business first, starting with the massive power figure that’s quoted at ‘over’ 1,600bhp. All of this fury comes from a custom-built 7.4-litre V8 motor with a pair of massive turbos, giving it some 1,300lb-ft of torque to go with that power figure. Early on in the car's development process, the likes of quad-turbos and hybrid systems were discussed but were quickly disregarded for being too heavy.

All of this power and torque is channelled through a 7-speed single clutch paddle shift gearbox (not a dual clutch unlike a majority of carmakers), before hitting the road via the super-sticky and very wide profile rear tyres.

The numbers game continues with that streamlined bodywork, all of the slashes and intakes combine to give the F5 a drag coefficient of just 0.33Cd. The F5 is also the very first Hennessey to be built from the ground up using the company's own platform.

This all-new platform boasts a full carbon body and carbon tub – the nose has been made sleeker in design, while the rear of the car is shaped to disperse heat, with the completely flat underside and high tech rear diffuser giving the car a new level of aero efficiency when compared to its predecessor. All of this carbon construction means the F5 is light as well; weighing in at just 1,360kg with all of its vital fluids onboard.

The active aero bodywork and lightweight translate to some astonishing numbers in the cars slipperiest Vmax mode; 0-186mph is seen off in sub 10 seconds, 0-249mph flashes by in less than 30 seconds with a claimed top speed of 301mph.

Thankfully Hennessey has seen fit to equip the F5 with massive Brembo carbon-ceramic stoppers, these will have their work cut-out to bring the car to a halt from the massive claimed speed numbers.

One limiting factor that has stopped pretty much every car maker cracking the fabled 300mph barrier is rubber. Due to the stress loads that any tyre is subjected to at such high speeds; the tyre choice is what we can only describe as somewhat limited. To ensure these stress demands are not exceeded, the F5 is installed with the specially developed Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tyres found on the Bugatti Chiron. Hennessey believe that as the F5 is far lighter than the Chiron, this rubber will get it all the way to the up to the magic 300mph mark without imploding.

If this massive top speed claim is true, it will make the F5 the very first car with numberplates to crack the 300mph barrier. Massive claims though require equally massive evidence in the form of proof via an actual test run. After all, you can throw around all the big numbers you want, but without hard evidence to back it up, they are just mere numbers.

If you want one, then you’d better get saving and be very quick, as only 24 cars will be built with each one costing $1.6 million apiece.

Do you think the F5 will finally go faster than any other production car ever seen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Comments (43)

  • Insane. But brilliant. We just need a high speed run video now.

      3 years ago
  • Finally, Hennessey created an original design(which looks fantastic) and hope it cracks its 300mph target. As good of a car the Venom GT was it just looked like a lotus elise made bigger and that spoiled the car in my own view.

      3 years ago
    • IMO, it looks like one of hotwheels cars. But couldn't agree more on the Venom GT

        3 years ago
  • "...this rubber will get it all the way to the up to the magic 300mph mark without imploding."

    Imploding? I think all the generated heat and rotational force of a 300mph run will make for a rather spectacular tire carcass explosion instead.

      3 years ago
    • Yes, round the wrong way!

      Chiron generates 3800G in tyre forces due to rotation. No way will that IMplode!

        3 years ago

      3 years ago
  • I like it. Buy now i want to see f5 chiron and agera on a couple fast tracks and see who's best, say Spa and Houston...

      3 years ago