The highs and lows of 80's cars

2y ago


I suppose you could ask this question about any car that didn't roll off the factory line last week - but why would you purposely choose to drive a machine with outdated technology, hard-to-find parts, and less "safety" than the latest-and-greatest minds can produce? I don't know about you, but I have a list of reasons.

The challenge: driving an old car is not the easy route. Those who want easy want a warranty. A Doug DeMuro "bumper to bumper warranty" on everything. Ok, so maybe Doug just found a way to not get stuck with the inevitable repair costs of used cars. But, while you can spend your way out of possible spending, don't we all just relish a bit more adventure and potential danger in life? Is it all about the destination or is it the adventure of the drive you cherish most after a trip?

A balance shaft belt that chose self-immolation over a nice peaceful replacement.

The education: do you fiddle with the 9 micron circuits inside your CPU? Do you take your iPhone apart just to see if you can put it back together? As wonderful as our technology is these days, I recall the days when you could take a few screws out of a machine (my wife says all my screws are a bit loose, btw) and see the giblets - how it all worked. You might not unwind the electric motors and all that. But I loved nothing better than strapping 4 extra "D" batteries onto my remote controlled cars - to see how much faster I could make them. And they did go quite a bit faster! Old cars still give us the chance to get in there and appreciate the beauty and brains that goes into machines. Without having to hack into the United Technologies CAD server.

Track car? Yup.

Being different: how many silver gray Toyota Corollas do you see each day? Doesn't it make you a bit sad for the driver of that car each day that they spent the equivalent amount of money on it that could have purchased a well-sorted and well-cared-for example of an idiosyncratic 80's car instead? I know this hobby/lifestyle isn't for everyone. But I'd bet it would be for a lot more people if they took a few more minutes in life to selfishly consider what they really want out of it. I know I never wanted to die saying, "if I only had had more time to drive an interesting car instead of a really boring one..."

Some much good oldness in here.

The style: let's face it - the 80's had some style. It wasn't for everyone. The really hippy stuff of the 60's and 70's had faded somewhat. The earthiness of those times got washed off a bit. It was an optimistic time. People were looking for fun and success. Colors were vibrant. Design was crisp and evolving. It was a fun time to be alive. It was not boring. The F40's and 959's made it anything but boring. Contach's were on everyone's wall. We saw 200mph from a production car. We still haven't seen 300 yet.

So I've laid out some of my reasons. What are yours? Why do you choose a slice of history as your car of choice? Ok, so maybe this was just the highs. You can help me with the other half!