- I do like the look of these alot. Photo provided by Royal Enfield.

The Himalayan Story

1y ago


Checkout the short film below entitled ‘The Himalayan Story,’ kindly provided by Royal Enfield for the benefit of MotorMartin and I can certainly recommend you head on over to Royal Enfield’s own YouTube channel at m.youtube.com/channel/UCyxUUHqmz9IiAnrROJc0mag and subscribe.

Royal Enfield themselves say: Raw, rugged and simple. This video explains how all the natural aspects of the Himalayas contributed to the making of a purpose-built, go-anywhere motorcycle. Presenting, the all new Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Find out more about the motorcycle, here: www.royalenfield.com/himalayan

And you know what? MotorMartin will be first in the queue for a test ride. The Himalayan looks superb and I can’t wait.

Where will you go?

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