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The History of Circuit Zandvoort

The Dutch F1 circuit in the Dunes of Zandvoort

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Circuit Zandvoort is a Dutch F1 Circuit near the sea, which organized Formula 1 between 1952 and 1985. This year there will be a Dutch Grand Prix again at this beautiful race track in the Netherlands

First Races

The first race at Zandvoort was a race at the street circuit of Zandvoort which was in 1939. The Circuit itself was built during World War 2, The Germans built roads that they could use for the war. When the war was over those roads were made wider and with advice from the Le Mans winner from 1927 Sammy Davis circuit Zandvoort was built

On August 7 1948 the first Grand Prix was held at Zandvoort which was named "Grand Prix van Zandvoort" the Race was won by a Thai prince in a Maserati. from the upcoming year the races will be held by the official Formula one Rules. since 1950 the name is official "de Grote Prijs van Nederland" which means Dutch Grand Prix.

Zandvoort 1950

Zandvoort 1950

Formula 1

Formula 1 is at Zandvoort Since 1952 and it's known as a really hard circuit to drive on. the Long straight and the first Corner named the "Tarzanbocht" are great opportunities to overtake. well Known winners at Zandvoort are Jim Clark four wins, Jacie Stewart three wins and Nikki Lauda three wins. the last F1 race at Zandvoort was held in 1985 and was won by Nikki Lauda.

Nikki Lauda at Zandvoort in 1985

Nikki Lauda at Zandvoort in 1985

Zandvoorts Current status

This year there will finally be a Grand Prix at Zandvoort again which will be called the Dutch Grand Prix. Because of the Verstappen Crazyness, it will probably be crazy with the orange army.

Max Verstappen at Zandvoort

Max Verstappen at Zandvoort

Zandvoort is now a Modern F1 circuit with some Classic vibes, this will probably give us some great racing to watch. here's circuit Zandvoort's current layout.

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