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F​orza’s lifecycle so far...

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F​orza is an arcade racing series for Xbox, Windows 10 and now mobile. It has been one of the star Xbox game series’ for a while for its diverse worlds, worldwide circuits, and huge range of cars. So here is the history of Forza.

May 5th 2005 — Forza Motorsport

T​he first installment of the multi-generation franchise and was the only game to have been released on the original Xbox. The game consisted of 231 cars and 16 different locations including the likes of Laguna Seca, Nürburgring Nordschliefe and Road Atlanta or fictional tracks such as the legendary Fujimi Kaido, New York, Alpine Ring and more. Forza Motorsport also featured online multiplayer and an expansive career mode.

M​ay 29th 2007 — Forza Motorsport 2

T​he sequel for the series was the first of the Xbox 360 Titles (Even though Forza Motorsport did have backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360). Forza Motorsport 2 consisted of 349 cars and 12 different locations. Forza Motorsport 2 was the first Forza game to have ‘Unicorn Cars’ which are essentially, hard to find cars or cars you get from some sort of community event, or just a gift. Along side Forza Motorsport 2, a wireless racing wheel was developed with force feedback. As well as this, Forza Motorsport 2 was the first Forza to have DLC. With DLC’s including new cars and tracks.

O​ctober 27th 2009 — Forza Motorsport 3

T​he second of the Xbox 360 titles was definitely one of the best. Forza Motorsport 3 consisted of over 495 cars and 25 different locations. In Forza Motorsport 3, the career mode changed from an Events List to ‘Season Play’. Season Play was races that would go over a few weeks in game time, with each race being personalised to the players tastes, with different types of events to chose from. There was also an auction house and up you could sell your own livery on the storefront. The car list in Forza Motorsport 3 was probably one of the best, including cars from Super GT, DTM, ALMS and many more. A return of a lot of the different cars in Forza Motorsport 3 to the Motorsport reboot would be fantastic.

O​ctober 13th 2011 — Forza Motorsport 4

T​he final of the Motorsport Xbox 360 titles, and said to be one of the greatest Forza Motorsport games of all time. Forza Motorsport 4 consisted of over 665 cars and 27 different locations. The games career mode was called the ‘World Tour’, with a racing calendar of events divided over 10 in game years. The auction house returned but also there was leaderboards, rival events and new multiplayer hoppers with modes such as car football! There was also an introduction of Autovista, an area where you can interact with 24 cars by opening car doors, hood, etc... Every car had a narrated talk about the historical and techical information of a car by Jeremy Clarkson. Or if you had the Halo Warthog, you could listen to a narrated talk by Jen Taylor. There was DLC too including a Porsche Expansion and a few content packs. There is much more that was introduced in Forza Motorsport 4, however these are the main points.

O​ctober 23rd 2012 — Forza Horizon

T​he first open-world racer in the series and the final title exclusively for the Xbox 360, Forza Horizon was a hit. Based in Colorado, USA, the game consisted of 212 cars, including DLC. In this open-world racer, the Horizon Festival is the main attraction, and you had to make yourself heard. So that’s where you make your way up earning wristbands and going up against some big rivals, most notably, Darius Flynt on your journey to Horizon Champion. At each hub round the map you’d be asked to go and hit a speed camera, have a big skill chain and do a photo shoot. The later DLC called 1000 Club meant for every car you’d have to do challenges, and you can master each and every car in the game. There was also a Rally expansion including new challenges and cars.

N​ovember 22nd 2013 — Forza Motorsport 5

T​he first of the Xbox One titles, and a bit of a dissapointing one. Forza Motorsport 5 would consist of just over 200 cars and 14 locations, that’s even less than the first Forza Motorsport. Nonetheless the game still had some brilliant graphics for the time. There was a new feature called Drivatar, which translates the type of driving by a player into AI form where friends or others will have your AI in your race. At the time this wasn‘t the most accurate feature going, but it has stayed and been developed on over the years. Autovista was rebranded as Forzavista and every car could now be explored. The cars in Forzavista and race introductions would also be narrated by Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson.

S​eptember 30th 2014 — Forza Horizon 2

T​he first Horizon game on the Xbox One had a more free world to go where you wanted as many barriers were removed. Forza Horizon 2 featured over 200 cars, with multiple DLC packs with new cars and even an expansion for a seperate island called ‘Storm Island’. The game is set in Southern France and Northern Italy for quite the setting. Drivatars returned and there were many events to keep you busy. Including new events called Bucket Lists, these Bucket Lists were a great tear-away from the championship scene where you‘d go and complete a challenge in a certain car. Sort of like the challenges given at Outposts in the original Forza Horizon. After you’ve become Horizon Champion, you chose where the Championship goes, with multiple areas such as Montellino, Casteletto and Nice and more to chose.

S​eptember 15th 2015 — Forza Motorsport 6

T​he second Forza Motorsport on the Xbox One and definitely, a much better game than Forza Motorsport 5. Overall, Forza Motorsport 6 consisted of over 450 cars with DLC and 2 Expansion packs granting more cars as well as 26 different locations. It was the first game to have proper wet weather and night racing. As well as a huge career mode that spans multiple paths such as novice to professional level. The game also had Showcase races, which were different to those in Forza Horizon 2. These could be races in certain cars, Endurance races, bowling, 1v1’s against the Stig and more. The expansions also provided much more races to get busy with including NASCAR.

September 27th 2016 — Forza Horizon 3

T​he second Forza Horizon game on the Xbox One and Windows 10, and as a whole, an incredible game. Forza Horizon 3 consisted of over 350 cars, with DLC and 2 brilliant Expansions which brought 2 new locations to the game. Forza Horizon 3 is set in Southern Australia, your the leader of the Horizon Festival, you decide where to take the racing. New features include blueprints and being able to make your own route, Skill Songs and Horizon Edition cars which would have their own perks that other cars don’t. Each festival has to be leveled up and with each level the festival itself upgrades, changing the look and giving one time discounts on cars every time you upgrade. The map was definitely the best so far, with more freedom then Forza Horizon 2 and overall, a slightly bigger map. Another big new feature though is Forzathon, each week some tasks were set and out of each one you could win money, wheelspins or new cars! Bodykits and more heavy customisation options were added such as Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny kits. It was also the first game since Forza Motorsport 4 which had an auction house, which has stayed ever since.

O​ctober 3rd 2017 — Forza Motorsport 7

T​he newest of Forza Motorsport games out on the Xbox One and Windows 10, and overall not a bad game. Forza Motorsport 7 consists of over 700 cars and 30 locations. The game had a large focus on Multiplayer and an overly big Career mode. The auction house returned from Forza Horizon 3, and later on in the games lifecyle a regulations hopper was added where penalties would be given for cutting the track and ramming. When Forza Motorsport 7 did come out there was a large Crate focus too, however this was later removed. What was disappointing is there wasn’t much in the way of DLC and new tracks, every so often a new free car would be added to the game up until 2019 but nothing like a new track or an expansion.

O​ctober 2nd 2018 — Forza Horizon 4

T​he newest Forza Horizon game out on the Xbox One, Windows 10 and more recently optimised for Xbox Series X/S. The game is still ever growing and to date has over 740 cars compared to the starting 450. Forza Horizon 4 is set between Northern England and Southern Scotland and has a huge focus on Seasons. There is so much that has been added to Horizon 4 to list a few: The Eliminator, Super 7, New stories, Lego Expansion and much more, the game has many possibilities. Forzathon and the Festival Playlist have a huge involvement in how you play the game with new seasonal events out weekly for new cars, Forzathon points which you can spend in the Forzathon shop and so on. Everything is tracked in Horizon Life through levels, and everything you do will level you up in something in some kind of way, such as Speed Zones, Drag Races or even Photography or creating Liveries. It is the first Horizon game where you can too buy your own houses, these houses give you special rewards and cosmetics for your character.

A​pril 15th 2019 — Forza Street

F​orza Street is the first Forza game made for mobile devices and Windows 10 and is free to play. it is much like the mobile racers you see however you only control accelerating and braking. There is a huge focus on collecting cars with 78 cars overall at the moment, but there will be more in future updates. There are different types of head to heads you can do and you can even do it against real people to get rival tokens. Each and every car fan be heavily upgraded in terms of stats with 9 levels for each car however you need to have tuning kits if you want to do so. There are not many tracks at the moment, and overall the game is heavily criticised as being very simplistic, and it’s overuse of Micro-transactions.

Late 2021/2022 — F​orza Motorsport

I​t has been so long since we’ve had a Forza Motorsport game but all we know is there is one in the works, a reboot of the Forza Motorsport franchise and one that looks incredible so far. Even though not much has been said directly about the game we are ever waiting for some more news or a trailer later this year. However there are rumours that Forza Horizon 5 will come out before Forza Motorsport, which means Motorsport would be pushed back to 2022 if so.

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  • Should mention FM3 was the first Forza to have a clutch and online drifting lobbies on FM4 with Fujimi Kaido

      9 days ago
    • Only put in a couple of points, obviously there is a lot these games brought in at times. 😉

        8 days ago
  • FH3 was the first racing game i played and still is my favourite

      13 hours ago