The History of the car till now

- Purchased the supra as a repairable write off. Had been sitting for a few years in someone's backyard.
- After a years hard slog the boys at Fours'n'More got the car into shape and after a couple of trips to Regency the car was registered.
- Its first track day. A 1:30.7 to start with, not that impressive but still wasn't bad at the time for an NA supra.
- My first competitive event in this car and the introduction of the much hated orange colour scheme. Around this time all the goodies starting going on like big brakes and suspension goodies.
- Racing under lights for the first time at the Targa Adelaide night stage, was one of the most awesome events I've done, a shame it's not allowed to run anymore.
- Did a bit of rally with the AHTR Tour, sadly the car doesn't comply for tarmac rally regs, but maybe one day I'll build another supra for it.
- My first Mount Alma Mile back in 2014, the car was slow as a wet wig but it was still great fun. This was also the event I met my lovely fiancée at, who says moto
- Willunga hillclimb 2014 was the first time I had won my class in an event, I was so ecstatic that such a great event was my first.
- Sadly 2015 was the last year of OzGymkhanas due to the site at Tailem Bend being closed, hopefully when the new track is up this awesome event can resume. I was lucky to take the win in my class for three rounds and also the overall championship for
- I was fortunate to be a part of a great 5 man team in the 2015 CAMS Club Challenge. Somehow we managed to be the most consistent team out of 17 different clubs to take the trophy.
- The supras last outing at Mallala with the trusty loaned 2JZ-GE was in June with a final PB of 1:22.81. Not too shabby for 135rwkw, clapped out 15 year old suspension and a driver who plays too much forza.

A quick history of the car going from a wreck when purchased through to a class winning hillclimb/gymkhana car.

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