The history of the Land Rover Defender

Fun Facts:

The model names were actually representative of the size of the wheelbases in inches

The Land Rover Ninety was actually 92.9”, although the Land Rover Ninety-Two Point Nine doesn’t have the same ring to it!

1984 also brought some new features to the cars such as wind up windows and a 2.5-litre diesel engine which could produce 68bhp.

History of The Defender

The Land Rover Discovery entered the market in 1989 and was put into production alongside the existing 90 and 110, so to avoid confusion or mix ups, Land Rover added ‘Defender’ onto the original duo making them ‘Land Rover Defender 90’ and ‘Land Rover Defender 110’!

In 1990, as well as the name change to ‘Defender’, the Land Rover model had an engine upgrade which gave it 107 hp.

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This meant that the stats of the Defender were increased by almost 25% and along with this came a car that was much more comfortable cruising at higher speeds yet still able to tow various loads.