The hobby horse

    My 1967 Mustang Fastback

    I've always liked the road less traveled, getting off the beaten path and seeing where it takes me. This is especially true in my choice of cars. Most new dads buy a minivan or a SUV, something reliable. I bought a 50 year old muscle car with bad brakes and no seat belts. Does that make me a bad father? I don't think so. In the next few months I'll be fixing what's broken, adding what's missing, and tuning it to Honda levels of dependability. But instead of a Honda, my daughter will grow up with an American icon—riding in it, tooling on it, and helping keep the carbureted V8 tradition alive while everyone else gets ferried around in self-driving electric cars. And i get to pretend I'm Steve McQueen.


    Check back in for new pics and videos as I restore this old girl to her former glory.

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    • "The beast demands sacrifice."/6th rule of the warrior

        3 years ago


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