The Honda Jazz is one of the best cars on sale right now

Honda Jazz

2y ago

Despite its rocky reputation, the Honda Jazz has bounced back into one of the most impressive new cars on the market today. Believe it or not, bang for buck, it's one of the best cars you can buy new right now. You may think I'm crazy, but hear me out.

The Jazz has had a complete refresh which takes it from a plastic bor-box into a new super-mini that has more than enough oomph to take on the competition from the likes of Volkswagen, Mazda and Toyota to name a few. The city car market is ever growing and the Jazz has stepped up its game.

As well as some major aesthetic changes, the whole dynamics of the car have changed which have given it almost go kart like features thanks to Honda's new chassis platform and improved suspension, front and rear. Coupled with larger brakes, direct steering and a small wheelbase, the Jazz is perhaps one of the most surprisingly involving cars on the market today.

If you expect the Jazz to be an outright performance car then you'll be disappointed but it is pokey enough for city driving with either of its two engine choices; 1.3 or 1.5 i-Vtec, offered with both manual and automatic gearboxes. They're slow but speed isn't everything.

As far as gadgets and gizmos go, it offers everything a car needs. The new range of Hondas feature a multimedia touch screen in the centre of the dash, housing the navigation, audio and video applications with touch screen buttons surrounding including the heating controls. Other simple things like the stop/start function, automatic lights and wipers, heated seats, screens and wing mirrors just add to the whole picture.

I'm not going to do a full on review, but all I ask is that you try not to laugh at me and think I'm mad!

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  • I owned a 2008, and now own a 2017 Fit/Jazz. (I do wish Honda used the Jazz name here in the US.) So, I can compare the two easy enough.

    The 2008 was "tinnier" but I think the build quality was better. The 2017 is more about "looks". It's borderline over-styled.

    In odd little ways, it gives up some utility, for style. The rear seating space is larger, at the sacrifice of rear storage space. The fuzzy cardboard like carpeting feels cheap. This same "stuff" extends to the walls of the cargo area, an area where you need durability. The door cup holders are more stylish than useful. The useful little storage bins in the cargo area are gone. The center console is small, oddly shaped, but not an armrest. There is a rats nest of buckles and elastic loops under the rear seat that make the whole setup seem like an afterthought. They're make using the rear seatbelts awkward and get in the way of folding the rear seat.

    The Bluetooth connectivity is good, but handsfree calling is primitive. The rear view camera shows too much bumper, and is easily covered with rain, snow, and road dirt.

    This is all nitpicking. On the plus side, the channels on either side of the windshield are excellent for guiding rain over the roof, not down the sides of the car. On the down side, the extreme rake of the almost flat windshield makes for a huge dashboard top that collects heat in the summer. and places the sun visors close to the driver. You can leave the sun visors down and against the windshield all the time.

    The engine is noisier than it should be, probably because the air box is near the dashboard, not the grill. That's curious.

    That battery is very small, with very little reserve for cold weather. Worse there is no larger capacity option. That's a big concern for those of us in cold weather areas. Oddly the battery tray can take a bigger battery.

    The CVT is very good compared to the old 5 speed automatic. Honda: the E(conomy) mode button should be on the shifter, not on the dashboard, down by my knee.. It's a "mode", like D, S, and L.

    These are all "little things" but surprising for a company that was known for engineering and design first, style second. It all feels very much like "design by committee". The old Fit/Jazz was "clever". Something got lost in translation with this generation.

    Although the new Fit/Jazz is almost the same size as the previous generations, my old Fit felt more nimble and compact.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the car. It's a great value.

      2 years ago