The Honda NSX-R is rumoured to return as early as October 2021

Not just that, the NSX facelift, and the NSX Spyder are on its way too. The Japanese supercar ain't going anywhere soon!

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Honda's Type R range has hosted many brilliant cars over the years, especially the time around the sub-brand's launch in the early 90s. From the iconic Civic to the Accord to the Integra Type R's, when one hears the famed name, it more or less represents the pinnacle of FWD performance. Then comes the NSX-R curveball. Having true supercar beating performance and looks, coupled with Japanese reliability and a price tag more appealing to the eye, it was a surprise to everyone since the original NSX was already getting high praise, plus the fact that it was then paired with a name so synonymous with FWD performance in a RWD car. Everything was good until Honda decided to kill off the 2nd generation NSX-R as well as the NSX model as a whole in 2005.

Miss the NSX-R? Well hey, there's some good news arriving in at Japan's Bestcarweb magazine! October 2021 is the month to look out for, as that is when the NSX will finally allegedly be getting its much anticipated and deserved Type-R badge back.

Claiming that the performance will greatly exceed the current model, the horsepower figure of the Type-R is rated at 640hp coming from its hybrid 3.5L V6, a respectable 69hp increase from the 571hp found in the current NSX, however torque figure has not been mentioned nor the 0-60 time at the time of writing.

Knowing that Type-R of anything means the racy model, it also goes to show that this will be the track version of the NSX, much like how the 911 GT3 is the tracked out 911 and the GT-R Nismo to be the hardcore GT-R. This obviously will result in some creatively crazy aero, but it should probably be expected from Honda anyway after seeing the frenzy happening at the Civic Type R. This would mean the usual aero bits such as the splitter and spoiler would have to be dialled up two notches, and it sure would as the report states all additional Type-R exclusive aero components would be crafted from carbon fiber, hopefully shaving some weight off its heavy 1,725kg (3,802lbs) kerb weight that are mainly caused by the 3 electric motors. The chassis and suspension tuning would also be fiddled by Honda's racing team who are responsible for their work on racecars at Japan's GT350 and GT500 racing classes.

Photo credits: Bestcarweb

Photo credits: Bestcarweb

No no, the news ain't done yet. Apart from the NSX-R returning, a NSX Spyder is also reportedly coming to add to the coupe in the lineup, also in late 2021, more specifically, December 2021. It comes to know that if Lexus has taken the crown of introducing the first hybrid GT coupe and cabrio, this NSX Spyder would join forces with the coupe to be the first pair of hybrid supercar. Dependent on your view on whether the i8 is a sportscar or supercar of course. Engine specs are not going to be changed, so the 571hp and the 645Nm (476lb-ft) of torque is set to remain, and being the drop top, assume acceleration and top speed will be a tad slower, 3.2s (compared with 3.0s) and 185mph (compared with 190mph) would be by guesses.

There, however, is no word yet on whether it would be a soft top or a hard top, but my guess' that its going to be fabric since the coupe already weighs more than a Mercedes E220d which is an executive sedan and Honda might not want to be flamed with weight criticisms no more. This the would go against the likes of the 911 Cabriolet and McLaren 570s Spyder, just like with the normal NSX Coupe.

Photo credits: Bestcarweb

Photo credits: Bestcarweb

With these 2 models releasing in about a year, a facelift is also set to happen before the 2 releases mentioned above, bringing in the interior design closer to the one found in the recently released Acura TLX and more importantly, the upgrade of the current infotainment system from the shabby old one to the latest and responsive one found in the Honda E and such.

NSX ain't going no where anytime soon!

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  • I can't wait! Give it the championship white, red honda badge, and a wing in the back.

      1 month ago
  • thanks god, about time 😂

      1 month ago
  • I love the front but not to keen on the back. Hopefully Honda/Acura fixes the back

      1 month ago


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