The Honda Sports EV Concept points to a stunning retro inspired future

After the Urban EV reveal here comes its sportier bigger brother, say hello to the Sports EV Concept

3y ago

After Honda revealed its awesome Urban EV Concept at the Frankfurt show, the Japanese carmaker began to tease us with a shady image of a further sports orientated version. Now, its bigger sibling the Sports EV Concept has broken cover at the Tokyo Motor Show.

It boasts the same design cues as its little brother with the same stunning aesthetics while borrowing from it's sibling with similar front and rear light clusters to the Urban EV. This blends with masses of homage to the Honda’s of the past. Take that swooping bonnet line with the raised front wings; it just looks mega, giving it a classic Japanese sports coupe style design with flowing lines everywhere.

Underneath that futuristic exterior is an all-electric setup without a screaming VTEC in sight. To bring you up to speed, this is part of Honda’s dedicated EV platform grand plan which will underpin the final production version of the Urban EV Concept due to hit production in 2019. If this Sports EV Concept does become a reality (and we hope it does), expect it to hit shortly afterwards in 2021 or thereabouts.

As usual with these concepts, Honda has not revealed any details of power of performance numbers, but we live in the hope that any road-going version would offer a sports car level of performance as a bare minimum.

So, Honda, if you’re having any doubts if you should put this into production, don’t think about it and please, please make it a reality as soon as possible, we implore you. The want is mega strong with this one.

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