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The Honda T880 is the coolest forgotten truck you can ever dream of owning

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26w ago


It wasn't that long ago when commercial vehicles had wind-up windows, a noisy diesel engine and nothing else. And look at the trucks now, the modern day Ford Transit drives and feels like a Ford Focus, even the interior feels like a conventional family car, which gives porters a much needed hope of climbing up the social ladder.

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Honda, however, has gone one step further, by introducing T880 Concept, which gives the famous finger to those that says trucks aren't cool. It refutes this statement by the way it looks. It very much look like a truck from the Japanese animes.

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With round headlights, a grille that looks like a child with a giant grin showing it's white teeth, compliments that white body beautifully. This might also be the first ever car/truck that has a grille that offsets to the left for you to place your license plate, how cool is that! Loads of black accent are also placed round the truck, such as the chin spoiler and all across the roof. The designers finish the job by giving it some round chrome mirrors and wide wheel arches which sets the cute body off beautifully.

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Onwards to the side of the T880, which are home to those gorgeous black Watanabes. Honda has always went to the effort of shaving the original door handle off of the base truck, and giving some more aerodynamic door handles which also stores the turn signals. How clever is that!

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Round the back things get even more interesting. Instead of opening downwards, the rear tailgate splits in half, much like barn doors. The rear lights are also round and mounted near the bottom of the truck. The bed itself, like the accents, are painted in black. There is also a neat little feature where a rectangular hole is located in the middle of the truck, and into the cabin. Presumably it's for bikes. Oh, and the weirdly shaped exhaust tip(s), you can decide on why that is/isn't cool...

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Onto the mechanical side of things. The T880 is based on the very humble Honda ACTY, and it's intended to pay tribute to the Honda T360. Honda then took the base chassis of the ACTY, swapped out the inline-three naturally aspirated engine from the ACTY, and put in a 660cc inline-three turbocharged engine. That engine is then put alongside a five-speed manual gearbox from the Honda Beat. No power figures has been released, but according to Honda, the name T880 actually means it shifts like an 880cc truck. So we can all guess the power figures ourselves.

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Of course, to make such an awkward modification, things have to be moved around in the cabin. Out goes the normal dashboard, seats, steering wheel, pedals and the shift lever. Of which they're all replaced by a custom dashboard with loads of bolt-on gauges, two seats that are actually more pillows than seats, a clutch pedal mounted so far leftwards you might as well forget about, and a steering wheel and gear stick setup that screams racy.

Credit: https://car.watch.impress.co.jp/img/car/docs/1043/990/html/05.jpg.html

Unfortunately, despite the cute looks, this truck will not be mass produced by Honda. However, there is one running and driving press car which you can have a ride-along at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon.

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