- Ferrari F8 Tributo, evolving in the sports-car lineup of 488 GTB, 458 Italia, F430, 360 Modena, 355 Berlinetta, 348 GTB, 348 TB, 328 GTB, 308 GTB, Dino 246 GT, and Dino 206 GT. Image Credit: WhichCar.com.au

The Horsepower Inflation Calculator!

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Ferrari's Dino 206 GT and 246 GT produced 178 brake horsepower and 192 brake horsepower, respectively, in their introduction years 1967 and 1969. The 308 GTB produced 252 brake horsepower in 1975. The 328 GTB produced 266 brake horsepower in 1985. The 348 TB produced 296 bhp in 1989. The 348 GTB produced 316 bhp in 1993. The F355 Berlinetta produced 375 bhp in 1994. The 360 Modena produced 395 bhp in 1999. The F430 produced 483 bhp in 2004. The 458 Italia produced 562 bhp in 2009. The 488 GTB produced 661 bhp in 2015. And here comes, the F8 Tributo produces 711 bhp as of 2019.

I figured out this inflation of horsepower by multiplying the horsepower rating of the 360 Modena of 395, and multiplying it by 1.2. Which equates to 474 bhp, which, to me, is kind of odd, because 474 bhp is much more accessible in 2019 than 395 bhp was in 1999. So I multiplied again by 1.5 and got the result of 711 bhp, which is a hair more than the F8 Tributo's.

Using the Google search tab is so easy on Chrome. To make things far easier for people to operate this calculator, I kept the numbers of 395 and 1.2 (for the 360 Modena), but increased the number as many times as possible to get to 3.224, which will bring back that 711-bhp rating, accommodating to the 20-year age gap [i.e., 395*(1.20^(3.224))]. This way, when the 395-bhp car is just one-year-old, it doesn't mean the equivalent all the way to a 598-bhp car, which is far beyond a ridiculous increase!

Using the Ferrari 550 Maranello's 478-bhp rating from 1996 and comparing it to the Ferrari 812 Superfast's 789-bhp rating of 2018, the 478-bhp rating of the 550 translates to 908 bhp, considering a 22-year age gap! [i.e., 478*(1.22^(3.224))]. The 575M Maranello produced 508 bhp in 2002, which translates to [508*(1.16^(3.224))] = 820 bhp, which matches more closely with the modern 812 Superfast.

In other words, not everyone had access to 500 or even 400 bhp in the early Gen Z era (late '90s - early '00s). But today, you can even access 797 bhp, depending on the power-to-weight ratio (Hellcat Redeye, yeah; 812 Superfast is far too expensive).

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