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The Howardian Hills

Driving through the Howardian Hills in North Yorkshire in an #Alfa-Romeo 916 #Spider

3y ago

When talking about driving in Yorkshire the North Yorks Moors and the Yorkshire Dales dominate the discussions. They have some fantastic roads but they aren't without issues. A lot of them are narrow and have sheep roaming around which can make spirited driving a little risky. In order to get the North Yorks Moors from the South you have to pass through, or around, the Howardian Hills.

As the area is a little less remote most of the roads are decent two lane roads and the rolling hills and roads bending around field boundaries make for some entertaining driving. Living on the edge of them we often head out through them to their northern border before coming back down into the Vale of York.

On Sunday we took an early afternoon spin out in our Alfa Romeo 916 Spider and made a couple of short videos of the experience.

As you can see traffic sometimes gets in the way but the roads are generally wide enough to allow you to pass safely if you've got the power and inclination.

I did comment on the problems of sheep in the Moors and Dales. They aren't a problem around the Hills but for some reason there were an awful lot of pheasants around.

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