The Hummer EV is a way better pick-up than the Cybertruck

And more desirable

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Just over 24 hours ago, GM's long-awaited revival of the Hummer as an electric pick-up finally opened up to the world. Most people like it, whether it's the rugged looks, impressive stats and performance, engaging off-road capabilities with the help of crab walk and undisputed king of ground clearance with six inches, GM has done a properly good job with the Hummer EV, so good in fact that it ends up being a better pick-up than the Cybertruck. By miles. Or inches.

To explain my point, I'll turn over to what the Hummer has and the Cybertruck doesn't in terms of specs, features, and experience coming from the company, followed by why it is so much more of a desirable vehicle than Tesla's proposition based on people's true reactions. So let's get into it:

Where the Cybertruck lacks

When it comes to statistics, the Cybertruck has it all covered: It is cheaper, quicker, has better range, is better armoured, and in most configurations, comes with more impressive towing capabilities. The base trim of the Cybertruck comes in at just under 40,000 dollars whereas the Hummer EV kicks off at just under 70,00 dollars and the Edition 1 will set you back a bonkers 112,595 dollars. So value for money definitely goes to Tesla. So back at GM, what do you get for all that cash?

Well to start with, a century of experience when it comes to building some of the toughest off-road machines on the planet. The body and underpinnings of the truck may not be gun proof, but every square inch of the vehicle is as protected and ready to take on anything as you'll ever need it to be. For when the climbing gets really tough, the air suspension offers you up to an additional six inches of ground clearance partly thanks to an expandable half shaft and 37-inch tires as an option for hardcore off-roaders.

Something we've all now heard about is Crab Walk. This mode sets all four wheels to diagonally turn in the same direction, allowing for better manoeuvrability in tight spots. 18 high-quality cameras are also part of the off-road experience, including underbody views. Fancy getting more sensations out of driving in the wilderness, well the roof panels come off and get stored in the frunk, also known as the "Infinity roof" feature, and that's something the Cybertruck doesn't offer.

And then the driving experience gets to the "on-road" bit where you get Super Cruise as standard, a level three autonomous system offering even better capability than Tesla's Autopilot, the words of Doug Demuro, a well-calibrated comfortable ride from the advanced dampers, and four-wheel steering which could very much come in handy in a truck that does 0 to 60 mph in three seconds.

Aside from these features, the interior is an interesting place to be:

The design and materials look and feel on the durable side, you get nice touches such as the landing on the moon pattern of where the first foot was set on the speakers, and of course the two large screens pact full of gimmicky functions and cool looking graphics.

On the outside, you, of course, get the front light bar, many reminders of what you're driving, GM's three-step system to comfortably get into the loading-bay round the back, and so on, and so on..

Driving and owning the Hummer EV makes for such a cool occasion, off-road or on-road, in the wild desert or waiting at the school car park and properly distinguishes itself from the crowd. But then the Cybertruck also does. The looks, interior, and performance are truly impressive, at least of what we know. Because the only information we have so far on the Cybertruck id its main statistics and performance figures. Cool features, well it's armoured, which is handy if that's what you want, and... it's got air-suspension. That is it. GM has gone on explaining how the Hummer EV works, what cool new features it offers, the gimmicks and cool electronics, and with a claimed range of 350+ miles, it clearly has what it takes to stand out in the EV market today.

How are people reacting to the Hummer EV?

Go on any Youtube video, Google website, Drivetribe post and you'll get the answer to that question very quickly. They love it, we love it. It is a cool brave step from GM and people are willing to pay the price to get this cool vehicle as soon as possible. The fully loaded, edition 1 version of the Hummer EV is set to an eye-watering price tag of 112,500 dollars! For a pick-up truck! For a tool! We like to express how 60,000 dollars is way too much money for a pick-up and argued if the top of the line Cybertruck coming in at 70,000 dollars was really worth it, GM then comes along with a base price of 70,000 dollars for an electric truck which, in top of the line trim, adds up to 100,000 dollars and a first edition version comes in at 112,500, and nobody seems to care about that one! Furthermore, this of course doesn't include the deposit or tax, and the model will arrive in a years time at least. The fact is though, 10 minutes after reservations were open, orders for the Edition 1 model were full.

That's right, you couldn't get any more first editions as they had all sold out 10 minutes after.

And this, coupled to the fact that I've hardly seen any negative comments on the vehicle and absolutely none commenting on the price, shows just how much of a flop the Cybertruck is compared to the Hummer EV and how good it isn't now that GM has their answer to the super electric truck. Good on you General Motors and Thanks for reading!

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