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The Huracan Evo - Raging Bull or Heaping Pile of Bull?

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After half a decade, the Huracan is halfway through its life cycle. Since the Mucielago, Lamborghini has been on ten year cycles for all of its cars, so it was time the standard Huracan to get a bit of a refresh. We've all become very familiar with the V10 that debuted in the Gallardo and made its way into both generations of the Audi R8 as well as the S6 and S8 and makes 630 horsepower in the new Evo. The new model also features upraded aerodynamics, Lamborghini's LDVI vehicle dyanmics system, and rear wheel steering. On the inside, most of what one finds is similar to the old model, but with much more Alcantara and forged carbon. There is one major change though - the addition of the HMI system out of the Centenario in the center console. Yes the name "Human Machine Interface" is gimmicky, but it does look pretty damn cool in there so I think we can give Lamborghini a pass on that. Moving back out to the exterior, the new model features updated styling with cues from the Performante on the front and rear bumpers as well as the upper center exit exhausts and center lock rims.

Baby (bull) got back

So what does this all mean for the new car? Do the changes actually make any difference? The answers are "a lot" and "yes." Anyone could have told you that, though. You hardly need to drive it to know that extra aero, rear stearing, and more power are going to drastically change the experience of driving the car. The real question is - are the changes an improvement? That's where the the answer is a little less clear.

Let's start with the definite improvements. When I drove the original Huracan, I quite enjoyed pushing around the track I was on, but I was always quitely worried that the bull I was riding was going to buck me off. Then when I took the Performante out on the same track a year later, I was roughly ten seconds a lap quicker, entirely because of the confidence the ALA system gives you through the corners. The Evo feels like a blend between the two in a very good way - the extra noise and some of the cornering ability of the Performante mixed with the daily usability of the standard Huracan.

As for the less definite improvements, it really comes down to a matter of opinion. One of the reasons for the original model's popularity was its drivability around town with its dual clutch gearbox and comfortable interior. With the upgrades from the Performante, the Evo feels a bit more twitchy and ready to bite at lower speeds. Therein lies the opinion portion, and frankly I'm a bit divided. On the one hand the Huracan was never meant to be anything but a supercar - fast, loud, and flashy. On the other hand, how much would they actually lose out on in terms of performance if they made the comfort mode setting a bit more comfortable?

When I started writing this article, I really wasn't sure of what my final opinion of the car was going to be. I've always been a hard-core Lamborghini enthusiast, but I wanted to be as objective as possible. But as I typed out the words above I was reminded of what the question I should be asking is - is the Evo a real raging bull? Back when the Huracan came out the criticisms were that it didn't feel like enough of a real Lamborghini - like Audi had stepped in too much, that it was too sensible.

Thankfully, I can say without a shatter of a doubt that the Evo deserves to wear the badge with the raging bull. That feeling that it may bite you at any time was one of the thrilling parts of driving a Murcielago or any other fast Lambo. There also has to be that feeling that every single eye is on you when you're cruising down a crowded street. Again, the Evo passes with flying colors. While I was driving the Evo around Santa Monica I could tell there wasn't a single person that didn't notice me. For some, that can be a detraction from the car, but if you want a boring and subdued supercar go buy a Turbo S.

The Huracan Evo is truly a worthy follow up to the Huracan and Huracan Performante. While the first generation may have been a bit tame, the Evo has become a proper raging bull. It even left me wondering how much I might get for my extra kidney...

Yes, I look like a tosser. But when you've just stepped out of the new Evo, you don't really care.

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  • Love the front fascia on the evo. The performante is not my style. I want a pure road car, not a track car unless it is Porsche

    11 days ago
    • The new fascia is fantastic. And I agree, I’d prefer to have an actual road car unless I’m on track. I will say though, the racing buckets in the Porsches are the most uncomfortable...

      Read more
      11 days ago
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    • Yep they are most likely, but I still love them

      11 days ago