The Hyundai Bayon is ugly.

And that's okay.

South Korea is the home of maaaany controversial things. Dodgy neighbourly relations, highly competitive iphone rivals which in fairness are much better than that of Apple's offers anyway, and the most especially controversial one, it's cars. The Hyundai Motor Group has learnt that in recent years, being different will make you money. And it has. In the early 2000s and all things considered, the latter half of the decade aswell, you'd never rival a german with a korean. But today, it's difficult to put a pin of which is genuinely better..... depending on how you define 'better'. Anyway zoom in on Hyundai for today's story, which speaks of a new sales machine of a crossover they call the Bayon.

Based on the i20 hatchback, which is shaping out in its latest form to be a brilliant little car, the Bayon is going to take that car, grow in size and little and be a bit slower in the pursuit of providing more boot space for those kinds of people with bugger all going on in their lives, like shopping a bit too much, and have no interests in anything outside of the 'on special' aisle of their local Tesco.

Clearly now, this is a sizeable market, because this car (like the dreadful Kona it will partner with in the Hyundai family) is expected to sell incredibly well. And why wouldn't it? It's a crossover, and people who don't like big cars or little tin can cars always buy crossovers. But based off the galleries released as the car has been just unveiled, I have so far drawn one particular conclusion.

It's very ugly.

Ugly not in the way that I won't like it. If it's anything like its renders circulating the internet right now, I will love it to bits.



I might like it, but I accept that it's ugly nonetheless. I figured that Drivetribe mightn't take to it very well, and given my self-proclaimed status as the bearer of all bad news, it would be only natural I throw into your feeds.

But fear not:

Because this car, depending on your viewpoint, is in many ways a saviour. As a result of in-house rivalry to the revolting Kona, the Bayon may redirect some of its sales towards its itself, which means while you may think this is ugly, at least they're be a more diversified range of ugliness on the road, and as such should make it all a bit more easy to cope with.

But like I said I think this thing is awesome. It's an i20 for people who don't like the feeling of being a fish in a pond full of sharks (don't ask how they got there) and so I think I can find acceptance and dare I say....understanding for its purchase. But it's probably not a feeling many of us will relate to. Or maybe that's just me being all-sweeping about it.

Anyway, it's quirky looking, high rooved (for a crossover, supposedly) fairly spacious and quite practical family car. So what's the issue?

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