- A rendering of what the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 N could look. Sexiest EV around?

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N. Will the most beautiful EV become the beast?

The new Ioniq 5 has already gone straight to the top of many wish lists, will the upcoming N version do the same?

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The hot hatch has always been the accepted way for the masses to get their speed while not needing to spend a huge amount of money. While recently there have been a couple of exceptions to this, AMG A45s and RS3 I'm looking at you, they have always been fun and fizzy to throw around the back roads, and if the myth is to be believed even keep up with supercars on the right road. The electric revolution hasn't yet reached this arena of performance, but that is soon about to change. Seat has just announced the new Cupra Born along with Volkswagen's ID X and Skoda's Enyaq vRS. I'm sure the VW Group will have several more hot hatches and hot SUVs based on this platform in the coming years. Possibly more excitingly however, Hyundai will be launching a N performance version of the wonderful Ioniq 5. As with the base versions it will be slightly pricier than the VW family, but the Hyundai is such a fantastic and better-looking car I don't think it will matter.

Quite a pretty rear end.

Quite a pretty rear end.

There has been some discussion with Albert Biermann, the head of the N division and chassis guru, about the future of the brand and it seems that they are fully committed to electric power for all their upcoming performance cars. We can be sure that whatever they come up with will certainly be impressive. We also know they are working with Rimac on a range topper, and after all the positive feedback from the recently released Nevera, I think we are in for a real treat in the coming years. No official details have been released as of yet, but with the far more comfort orientated Ioniq 5 easily developing 300bhp in all wheel drive form, could a 500bhp version be out of the question? Let's hope not. I think we are finally coming to the everyman electric performance car and a very serious Tesla rival in the form of the always fast-moving Korean giants.

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