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The Hyundai Nexo is now available for less than half price in California

A massive discount for the hydrogen SUV

13w ago

Seen as a promising technology by some, hydrogen is still struggling to develop. The very high price of vehicles combined with a still embryonic network of pumps are the two main obstacles to this technology. As a result, some brands have decided to sell their models at bargain prices.

This is the case of Hyundai, which is offering the Nexo in California at a price that defies all competition. The Korean brand is already offering an exceptional discount of $20,000 on the Nexo in its top-of-the-range Limited trim. In addition to this, there is an $8,000 federal tax credits and a $4,500 California Clean Vehicle Rebate.

That's a $32,500 discount on a model that retails for $62,385. Combined, this means you can get a Nexo Limited for $29,885. The offer is valid until July 6. Only sold in California, the Nexo is struggling to sell with only 208 units sold in 2020, which explains Hyundai's move.

Photo credits Hyundai

Photo credits Hyundai

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Comments (3)

  • Is Hyundai pulling of of developing Fool Cell vehicles?

      3 months ago
    • They’re still more promising than EVs

        3 months ago
    • The technology is terrible so yes. Honda already pulled the plug, killing the clarity i’m going to be soon launching a bunch of EV models.

        3 months ago