The Iconic Escort Mk2 Zakspeed in 9.500Rpm Cosworth BDG Powered Form

Werner Weiss still racing on the Berg-Cup series with his incredible sounding Zakspeed Group 4 unit

This is the beautiful Ford Escort Mk2 Zakspeed of Werner Weiss, a regular on the Berg-Cup series for over 20 years. Based on the Group 4 Zakspeed unit and originally powered by a BDA 1.8L engine unit, it is now powered by a 2.0 BDG motor, producing over 280Hp/9.500Rpm.

Weighing around 820Kg and using nowadays a lot of modern Racing solutions like Sequential Gearbox and KW Suspensions, it is still a fantastic race car delivering a proper Naturally Aspirated Soundtrack that all Petrolheads appreciate immensely...

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