The Iconic Opel Calibra transformed into a 470Hp 4x4 Turbo Monster

Reinhold Nauschnegg and his C20LET powered, 4WD BergMonster

Reinhold Nauschnegg from Austria races one of the very few units of the Opel Calibra that can still be found on Hillclimb Racing. Powered by a 450Hp/550Nm C20LET engine, it is also quite unique due to the fact it was converted into a 4 Wheel Drive race car ( it was initially FWD). Using a 6 speed H pattern gearbox and weighing around 1150Kg it is a rather unique machine that shows how diverse the Hillclimb racing field can be.

It has competed on the Austrian Hillclimb Championship for almost a decade and lately has been used more sporadically, as was the case here at St. Agatha Bergrennen last season, but it still packs a considerable amount of performance as you can observe both from the outside and onboard it.

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