The Iconic Peugeot 106 Maxi in all its Widebodied, NA Glory

Luca Zumiani and his exquisite 1600cc Naturally Aspirated Hot Hatch Screamer

Participating last year on Nevegal HillClimb, Luca Zumiani debuted this beautiful Peugeot 106 unit fitted with the Kit-Car Maxi bodywork. Mating the Iconic FWD Hot Hatch 1600cc mechanics with the widened Bodywork of the Rally Car of the late 90´s made for quite the unique looking and sounding machine.

Powered by a Naturally Aspirated 1.6L Naturally Aspirated engine unit screaming at what must be surely over 200Hp/8.500Rpm, all moving under 900Kg, this was a true throwback to an Era of Rallying that Fans miss quite a bit. Hopefully this little Monster will come back this year...

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