The impossible TG/TGT Quiz pt 5

Disclaimer: Doing this quiz may result in an uncontrolled addiction to old Top Gear and spending a lot of time by learning small facts to prestate better in the next part of this quiz serie. The maker is not responsible for any side effects.

At what time did the sun rise in the Jag vs God race?

  • 5:01 in the morning
  • 4:14 in the morning
  • 4:30 in the morning
  • 4:54 in the morning

How much miles had Richard on his BMW 325 in the BMW convertible episode?

  • 145 000 (233354.9 km)
  • 82 000 (131966.2 km)
  • 102 000 (164153.1 km)
  • 94 000 (151278.3 km)

What band did Jeremy and James play on Richards Barchetta in the Middle East Special?

  • Queen
  • Genesis
  • Supertramp
  • Fleetwood Mac

What was THE one place Clarkson could test the McLaren P1?

  • The USA
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany

What's the name of Clarkson's teddy that was on the front of his sports lorry?

  • Giovanni
  • Winkie
  • Pancada
  • Rudyard

What was the name of the Scottish producer they tried to annoy in the "Well aged Scotch" episode?

  • Gav
  • Craig
  • Stuart
  • Ruadh

May's dove where driven over when he put them out of the window of his Sandero, by which lorrie?

  • Daf
  • Scania
  • Renault
  • Mercedes

What was the name of the man in Clarkson's first cycling public information video

  • John
  • Henry
  • Oliver
  • Theo

What's the licence plate of the TGPD Ford Transit James and Richard were using to demonstrate the magnetron of justice?

  • X733 BLD
  • X734 CME
  • X732 AKC
  • X730 JLD

With what car made Richard the winning dart throw by hitting the caravan.

  • Vauxhall Astra
  • Fiat Panda
  • Vauxhall Carlton
  • Volvo 440

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