- Cliveden House, steeped in intrigue and scandal.

T​he inaugural #NoGarageQueens Road Rally

Kicking off the very first Gentleman Racer #NoGarageQueens Road Rally with a visit to the Aster's place.

2y ago

T​he concept behind No Garage Queens is simple. 'Get out and drive'. If you have a nice car, where do you go? What do you eat? What is your timepiece of choice?

T​hese are all questions we ask before you join the No Garage Queens Tour. They are simple questions, and we're looking for simple answers. Anywhere, Anything, Something sexy!

K​icking off 2019 in style, we took our team to Cliveden House for a Sunday under the sun and these were the resulting images. For more information on how to get involved with future #NoGarageQueens Road Rally's, please email tom@thegentlemanracer.co.uk and we will ensure you're prepped ahead of Stage 2.


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