The Inception

The car that started it all

We all have a car that first caught our eyes. The one that first made you think, hey I quite like this method of transportation. It was the first time that you really stopped and thought that you wanted to know everything there is to know about these vehicles. Some of them are obvious choices, and others are obscure, but they all have one thing in common, they brought us all together to learn more about automobiles. For me, that car was the 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth.

Growing up in a small town in the southern United States, there were not very many opportunities to experience unique and awesome cars. In 2012 when I was first starting to drive, Fiat announced that they would be bringing their brand back to the States. A close friend of mine, who had an affection for cars much sooner than I did, was ecstatic and told me all about them. He took me to the car show in the nearby city, where Fiat had set up an exhibit to promote their cars returning to America. The car show had the typical boring exhibits displaying the brand new Toyota Camry, or the Toyota Prius, or the new Ford Focus, just your standard cars you see everyday. But when Fiat showed up, it was new and exciting for the people of this small southern town.

I sat in the 500 and was mesmerized. It is a happy car that looks like it is smiling at you with an Italian mustache. The buttons are glossy and smooth. The scorpion is snarling at you, and you feel like you can whip this small car all around town, watching the jealousy of every other person in their Prius.

It is a small little car. When everything else on the road is getting bigger, the 500 (while much larger than the original) still is smaller than many other vehicles. It is very personal. It is a car you can love. I had to drive it. I went to the test driving area of the show, and hopped in the first one I could find. I loved it. It was unlike the cars I learned to drive in, it was something special. And I wanted one ever since. It may not be the dream car that everyone wants, and there are of course many other cars I would have if money is not an option, but for just around $23,000 - it is a car that is actually attainable.

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