The indecisive Mocha syndrome

Why not have the best of both words

Life is full of choices. Even since you were baby you were given the choice of want you would like to do with your evening meal, you can either eat it or chuck it on the floor. Later in life you are faced with more and more difficult choice such as choosing to go to university or entering full time employment. However you cant do both... Well.. until now.

Recently driving between appointments in London I find myself ruther parched, this give me an excuse to go buy a over expensive, very mediocre flat white in a true hipster coffee shop where the customers are still wearing woolly hats in 30*C. Anyway I was second in queue behind this over sized young woman called Miranda who had "the indecisive mocha syndrome", she was tapping her feet and getting a sweaty brow feeling all the eyes of the people behind her in line looking at the back of her head as she couldn't choose between having a hot chocolate or a coffee. It was at the moment in time she ordered a mocha. Why not just have two in one? As soon as her coffee arrived she knew she had made a big mistake. All she could do is blame herself for her indecisiveness and sit there with a bad feeling over growing her

I understand that sometimes this can work. You can have the lavish luxury of fish and chips mixed with a curry. (I'm not saying that you should put them on the same plate but you can have chips and curry sauce. I have heard its more of a Northern dish.)

But the problem doesn't end there. You now have the issue when choosing your next car to purchase. I understand that there is a big demand for people to buy a family sized SUV , They can be the Swiss Army Knife of cars! (if chosen correctly). However people still want there family Chelsea Tractor to behave like a small city car.

the Swiss Army Knife of cars (if chosen correctly)

This results has made car manufactories trying to make the impossible, and the impossible is ugly. Vauxhall have fallen into this trap. They have designed a car to feel like the driver is sitting high up above all the other cars on the road, given it big wheel arches which gives you the expression it can handle any muddy hillside to clamber upon and big bumpers to show that it is a real mean off roader! However the truth can not be any different this car has been designed to drop the children off at school and be great for running around town. This mess made the car a ruther ugly to look at!

So when I see a Vauxhall Mocha driving around London I know that a young over sided woman called Miranda is probably driving it knowing she should have never been so indecisive and chosen a XC 60 or VW Golf.