The Insane 10.000Rpm F1-Sounding, M5 Engine Swapped Escort Mk2 from Greece

Nikos Papadopoulos Ford Escort Monsters is as crazy as it is unique.. All with an heavenly soundtrack

Coming from Greece, this is one of the most outrageous sounding Monsters in the HillClimb World. It´s Nikos Papadopoulos insane BMW S38-swapped Ford Escort Mk2 here at Ritsona HillClimb. Long due to appear on our Channel, this is a tremendously modified Race Car featuring very unique solutions that make it a Fan favourite among the Greek crowd.

Powered by the S38 engine unit originally found on the BMW M5 E34 in 3.8L guise, what we have here is a 3.1L de-stroked version built to explore the maximum Revs possible to achieve its peak power. Featuring plenty of custom engine parts to keep up, it is reportedly now producing upwards of 500Hp/10.000Rpm in Naturally Aspirated form which nothing short of extraordinary. All this on a 1050Kg, RWD Monster makes for machine that is as intense as they get... And rumour is there is still more to come from it as it will start competing again more regularly..

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