The Intriguing Story of Ford Visos

This is the car that would've revived one of the greatest names in automotive industry

Now that Renault are planning on recreating their iconic 4 and 5 cars with a modern twist, I think that it's now time to talk about a similar project that Ford attempted to do back in the early 2000s which would have revived one of the most iconic names in the car industry: Capri.

Although not as popular as the Mustang, Ford Capri was nevertheless quite a moneymaker for Ford, with over 1 million units being sold in the first 18 months of production. Naturally, someone at Ford was bound to look at those figures at say "Let's try that again!".

Sure enough, they did. In 2002, President of Ford Europe Martin Leach decided to revive the Capri name in order to follow the trend of iconic cars being reborn and modernised, including the MINI, VW Beetle and the BMW Z8.

The result was a design that still looks modern even by today's standards. The car's specs were also pretty impressive, as it had a twin-turbo six-cylinder engine that produced 350bhp and four-wheel drive.

The Visos - or Project S272 as it was also known - was shown at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show where it was marketed as the "new Capri". Ford also sent out the prototype to the motoring press for testing, and the feedback was overall very much positive.

Unfortunately, the potential buyers were not so impressed, as they thought that the Audi-style design and the Ford badge were not compatible and that the car should be priced more cheaply. As a result, the project was shelved.

Still, I think that there is a chance that in the future we might get another Capri revival, considering the popularity of Ford's faster cars in the recent years. Give the people what they want, Ford!

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  • I dig it! It has an Audi A6-meets-Volvo C30 quality to it. 😀

      3 months ago