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What is motoring Youth?

4y ago

Hello, and welcome to Motoring Youth. Quite why you've chosen this Tribe is beyond me. Perhaps the name intrigues you, or perhaps you've got a hint of petrol running through your veins like I do. One thing is for sure, you've come to the right place.
Motoring Youth, as the title suggests, is a Tribe run by, and made for young people interested in motoring. Together we'll be looking at almost every aspect of the Motoring world. That's everything; fire-breathing supercars, JDM Drifters, American Muscle, European Sports cars and much more besides. The aim of Motoring Youth is to cater for every car culture under the sun but remain unified by one thing, our youth. Without a doubt, this is THE tribe for young people interested in motoring. That's not to say that this Tribe caters exclusively for Millennials, if you share the same passion you are welcome all the same.

If you're still reading at this point, the chances are that you share the same enthusiasm for car culture as I do. What's more, you're probably quite excited about what Motoring Youth can offer. Well, I'm afraid that's saved for the next article.
See you soon.

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      4 years ago