The Italian Gran Prix

What's up for debate at the Italian Gran Prix, besides Sergio's dodgy pizza toppings that is.

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I is for ... Inked Up

Monaco 2018. That's how far back you have to look to see the Honey Badger's smile on the podium but it's possible that this weekend can offer his return to the top 3.

Renault demonstrated the significant improvements in the engine department last weekend finishing with an excellent P4 and P5 at Spa and their low downforce philosophy puts them in a good position for this weekend.

Should Ricciardo's form continue to shine and his new engine helps him achieve a podium this weekend, what tattoo do you think Ricciardo will chose for his team principal Cyril Abiteboul ? Tell us in the Comments.

T is for ... Toe

There isn't really an appropriate way of describing the scenes we saw in Q3 at Monza last year. As teams squabbled to get a toe down the straight only Carlos Sainz saw sense and sped ahead to reach the start line to begin his final lap, everyone else failed to reach the line and the first run set the grid.

Through F3 and F2 qualifying, as well as the F1 practice sessions, show that none of the teams have headed the lessons of 2019 and they're all still willing to risk losing shots at pole to gain the toe.

It's unlikely we will have a repeat of last year as F1 has introduced a minimum lap time for FP3 and Qualifying to prevent drivers holding back on out-laps but it's unfortunately still a sign of the chokehold aerodynamics have on F1.

Do you think the 2022 rule changes will lessen the effects of Aerodynamics on F1?

A is for ... Alpine

After Abiteboul has been made an ambassador for the Alpine brand, inside sources in Renault suggest there is to be a possible name or livery change to the Renault cars to help promote the brand.

Although it is unlikely we will see Fernando Alonso returning to F1 with Alpine Gran Prix in 2021, a return to the iconic blue livery to the Renault cars isn't out of the question.

L is for ... Lewis Throwing Shade

It may seem rather cheeky for Lewis Hamilton to openly criticise Alex Albon, after sending his opportunities for podium success and a possible win in Austria and a podium in Brazil last year spinning in the gravel, but the 6 Time World Champion expressed his sympathy to Albon's Dutch teammate Max Verstappen saying "Verstappen is alone" in challenging Mercedes.

Albon said he was ignoring Hamilton's criticism and put his raging bull ahead of Verstappen, who made a small mistake breaking his front wing, in FP1 by around 0.15 seconds but lagged behind his teammate in FP2, having his two fastest times deleted for track limits and finishing down in P13.

I is for ... In No Doubt

After the huge drop in performance for the Scuderia from 2019 to 2020 many have speculated at the apprehension of their new driver for 2021 Carlos Sainz, who would be leaving the McLaren team gaining Mercedes' PU and currently appears to be a stronger competitor than the Italian outfit.

Sainz had remained diplomatically silent on Ferrari's woes before the Thursday press conferences in which he said he had no regrets on signing for Ferrari, saying he is "100% confident" that they can regain form and that joining Ferrari is something every driver would consider regardless of situations.

Do you believe Carlos isn't regretting his decision?

A is for ... All the Tension on Show

After yet again coming under fire for dominating the sport (just as an aside, we all agree that saying Mercedes is "ruining" the sport with their dominance is ridiculous), Toto Wolff has again assured critics that Mercedes are constantly having to push to stay ahead of rivals. The Austrian has suggested F1 give fans access to all of the team's radio communications throughout the weekend, saying it will allow the fans to appreciate the struggles and strains on the team and add tension to races.

N is for ... New Chapter

The 2020 Italian Gran Prix marks the final race for the Williams family as F1 principals.

The emotional goodbye is the beginning of a new chapter in the future of the historic team, as the Dorilton Capital take ownership of the team and, despite their desire to keep Clare, she steps down as Deputy team principal.

The team will always have a special place in the hearts of F1 fans, from Mansell-mania to the hammer of Montoya giving fans brilliant racing and iconic moments, and both Frank Williams, Clare and the whole family will always be adored.

The future of Williams is hopefully bright.

G is for ... Grand Stands

Monza is renowned for two things: Speed and the Tifosi.

2019 saw the first Ferrari victory in Italy for 9 years and going from the iconic scenes of fans flooding the track to completely empty grandstands will definitely be a shock to the system of teams however the Scuderia have reasons to count their blessings as no Tifosi presence helps to save face. P9 was the highest the Scuderia managed in the opening practice sessions, that's with a healthy toe down both straights, and race pace doesn't give anymore hope.

Both Ferrari drivers had similar offs in FP2, seeming to suggest an unpredictability on throttle application, which led to a half spin for Vettel and a trip across the gravel and grass for his Monegasque teammate.

A surprise result for the Scuderia could help Ferrari keep positive through these difficult times but at the moment a Q3 appearance would be considered a success, far cry from the pole and victory of last year.

P is for ... Parabolica

When you look at F1 tracks, you'd be forgiven for thinking Monza seems to be fairly easy however the infamous Parabolica corner is proving tricky for drivers as the FIA have clamped down on track limits seeing the lap times for Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Alex Albon (as well as many others) deleted.

A deleted lap time could spell disaster in qualifying so drivers will be keen to keep on the right side of stewards.

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